dubi dolczek

absolutely no information about this, which on reflection might or then, might not be, a good thing. In the absence then of such press wordy fancifulness, we tripped upon this unguarded with no persuasive nudges, hopefully you’ll do the same, because this is seriously whacked out. A nifty slice of smoking and suave 50’s styled bubblegroove, see the Platters, the Four seasons et al that sounds as though it’s been reclining a little too long beneath the shade of a tropical tree and gotten all warpy and woozy in sun, seriously trippy as though a gathering of Superimposers and Monsterism Island folk had sonically spiked their fruit punch. It’s by Dubi Dolczek, it’s called ‘Laser Dojo’, it’s from an album through stolen body aptly called ‘dubi in space – part one – the emerald gauntlet’.


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