Nadah El Shazly

This came recommended to us by Cyprianus Augustus, who aside sending us a rather lovely note that had us much humbled also oversees the impeccable taste making the unquiet meadow mix cloud soirees. Trust me on this, stay with it and I guarantee it’ll feel by its close as though you’ve been sucked inside your own headspace and embarked on a mystical astral ride around the deepest reaches of the minds inner consciousness. From out of the Nawa imprint shortly, well November if you want precise, this is the opening track from Nadah El Shazly’s debut full length ‘Ahwar’, it be called ‘Afqid Adh-Dhakira (I Lose Memory)’. Blending shape shifting spirituals, woozed out bowed instrumentations and a general all-around bewitching freakiness, what emerges from the hazily haloed Arabic-edelic chamber fog is a most tripping cornucopia of fried delights, whose irregular arrangements shift like sand beneath you constantly having you desperate to find a footing. Out of the shadowy wood smoked dream daze, a sultry siren calling apparition weaves a snaking seduction infused by strangely dissipating jazz mosaics, a little noir noodling and oodles of seriously bonged out mystic murmuring. Stunning in a word.  

Ahwar.  Vinyl LP.

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