Yan Hart-Lemonnier

We raided this from Mr Outram’s Facebook page, in truth we were checking to see if there was any sign of new horror pop sounds happenings looming, or worse still, had been out and we’d missed. It has after all been a while and well, our sound system is, I suspect, opining with neglect. But back to the nub of things, spotted this, like wow, almost surprised that say, Polytechnic Youth or Castles in Space and other such, aren’t about it like a rash. To say it’s like awakening from a short doze to find yourself back in the 70’s is an understatement. We refer of course to ‘L’âge d’or’ the opening track from a set by Yan Hart-Lemonnier entitled ‘Souvenirs de l’âge d’or’ which is getting a strictly limited vinyl pressing of just 200. Now this is quite something else, an echo from a lost decade, the vintage exquisite, the tailoring simply sublime arriving toned in a celestial chic, an oceanic lunar lost in beautiful isolation emitting love note transmissions into the galactic voids, arresting doesn’t do it justice. Equally drawing design on our affections, what we assume is the parting cut on the vinyl variant, ‘Un nouvel amour’ has the kind of playful snooziness that often adored the grooves of platters bearing the quality sound kite mark of Plone albeit here as though retweaked by a rather chirpy Minotaur Shock and a host of folk from the esteemed Bearsuit records sound shed. https://yanhartlemonnier.bandcamp.com/album/souvenirs-de-l-ge-dor

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