We don’t mind admitting to being so in love with this ‘un, new from Helicon, first single as it happens entitled ‘Seraph’ pulled from their forthcoming self-titled full-length platter, which all things being well, should be heading out of the esteemed Fuzz Club in early December. Now not wanting to talk out of turn here, I suspect this will be finding firm favour when it comes to scratching up end of year loves, a faultless slab of delicately weaved soft psych mesmerica, its sitar seduction dreamily dissolving into a whispering rush of sweetly hazed 60’s euphoria, its West Coast ghosting fusing joyously to peel away mushrooming into an expansive sveltely smoked love hymnal that purrs radiantly to a tripping and lolloping craft that had us fondly recalling a youthful Clientele. Sublime in a word.  

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