our glassie azoth

Hitting our doormat this very morn, well noon-ish to be perfectly precise, the first issue of ‘Dukes of Scuba’ – a dinky little A6 fold out ‘zine shedding the spotlight on the lesser known musical gems straying far off the usual sonic radar. By way of a tasting, we here have been busy rummaging through the cubby holes of cyberspace rooting out some of these sightings ….

Dukes Of Scuba - A6 music zine issue #1 main photo

…. such as Our Glassie Azoth, who unbeknownst to us, have been sneaking out releases like billy – o these last few years. So while we drag out the tool box for a long overdue overhaul of our, obviously skewed and somewhat amiss radar, here’s their latest. Released a month or three ago, this is the near 18 minute ‘Sfy3_cyclereform’, a slice of crystalline disturbia that finds them tunnelling ever deeper into the voids of inner space, crafting the kind of oblique sonic remoteness we here might well associate more as a given from the Mount Vernon Arts Lab. This really is a precision lesson in controlled technique and isolationism whereupon moments of impacting field sound skree are pierced by the genteel and gradual gnarl of free form manipulation and frequency shifting not to mention periods of lucid lulls where all is sprayed in dream dazed airlessness. Alas you can’t dance to it, unless of course you be a toaster, but then I’m suspecting the more impish among you might consider it something of a promising call upon on those desperately long and dull Sunday lunches when the family descend to criticise and cackle. https://ourglassieazoth.bandcamp.com/     

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