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Looks sexy, sounds sexy, is sexy. The lesser spotted Schizo Fun Addict round out the year and mark the start of Fruits de Mer’s 10th anniversary celebrations with an ultra-limited vinyl pressing of their acclaimed ‘the Sun Yard’ full length. Originally released digitally for free on Christmas day 2013, the album, incidentally by far their best to date, has slipped in and out of the collective consciousness garnering something of a legendary status due to its scarcity and of course, repute. Released in serious limited quantities on CD by FdM a few years back, it could be found, if I recall rightly, inside one of the label’s ridiculously generous gift bags made available to folk attending their festival gatherings. Of course, those well familiar with the lore of FdM will be all too aware that both the label and the band have a close longstanding connection, the Schizo’s having appeared twice on the short-lived Bracken label, the elder sibling of the extended FdM family tree with the band opening the newly peeled Fruits account way back in 2008 with a twin set of classic covers – ‘theme one’ / ‘ogden’s nut gone flake’.

As said previously, ‘the Sun Yard’ was originally released on Christmas day 2013 – in fact we mentioned it here – goes without saying it was one of the finest releases that year. To the nitty gritty, fitting then that the band open the 10th birthday festivities. To mark that occasion, a truly special release and a somewhat fanciful flight of extravagance from a label known for pushing the boat out. There will be four separate editions of the album pressed on vinyl, in an edition of 620. The first pressing on turquoise / green wax will given away free to long time subscribers of the members club (the legendary club which in recent years has given away all manner of cassettes – a very much prized and sought after outing among collectors – see discogs if you don’t believe me, limited CD compilations and the occasional Bowie covers release), each numbered – ours is #25 (I’m told the number is nearer 350 of these, though strangely our copy is /100 stamped) in case you are taking notes, each will feature a glow in the dark image on the rear of the sleeve – though some will come in bags (no sleeve). The next batch, pressed on red wax and limited to 150 copies will be given away at the labels 10th birthday bash in Glastonbury next May. In addition, there will be two further super limited editions of 50 each, again on coloured vinyl, these will be housed in handmade sprayed sleeves. There’ll also be competitions to win copies and all manner of other festivities – keep eyes peeled upon the label web page for info as it arrives and appears.

As to the actual album, bolstered by an additional previously unreleased cut titled ‘strange storm’ which the press release describes as ‘an analog electro moody intermission’. It’s a daydreaming sore thumb scowled in a stilled overcasting of interference beneath which a curiously fracturing chamber noir spectral playfully ruminates amid a disorientating weave of discombobulating musical tongues, very old school Stockhausen styling swimming to the far left of a classic 60’s Radiophonic Workshop arrangement. With its trippy baggy swing, ‘awesome lovin’’ is your second generation ‘Roses retooled and retuned through the smoking psychotropic lens of a ‘Vanishing Point’ era Primal Scream while in sharpening contrast the scuzzing n’ pogoing freak out ‘forest park bandshell renegades’ offers an acutely pointed nod to a more punked out mindset where amid its waywardness a fried and frenetic seasoning of Ramones nods. Somewhere else the wonderfully slinky and radiantly cooled sun pop of ‘the gaze point’ rubs seductively to the cutely hazed dream weaved 60’s mellowness that softly purrs from the grooves of ‘St Andrews’ – think woozy psych overtures cooked up by a gathering of Lake Ruth and Broadcast folk. Then there’s the uber cooling garage psych smokiness of the strutting ‘Pterodactyl’ it’s street sassy heat oozed in all manner of kaleidoscopic flavouring. All said, ‘dream of the Portugal keeper’, by our reckoning, still the finest thing the Schizo’s have pressed to wax to date, is possessed of a divinely airy pastoral peppering whose woozy lazy eyed lilts alluringly demur to an exotic lineage that’s sprayed in the delectable tonings of Beautify Junkyards and Camera Obscura.

The album is available for streaming at



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2 Responses to schizo fun addict

  1. onelovestory2013 says:

    Mark, did you or did you not get a glow in the dark full jacket copy? Awesom review. If not, Ill save you one of our copies on trans red.

    On Oct 21, 2017 4:33 PM, “the sunday experience” wrote:

    > marklosingtoday posted: “Looks sexy, sounds sexy, is sexy. The lesser > spotted Schizo Fun Addict round out the year and mark the start of Fruits > de Mer’s 10th anniversary celebrations with an ultra-limited vinyl pressing > of their acclaimed ‘the Sun Yard’ full length. Originally re” >

    • ha ha i’m confused as to which one i’ve got, its blue, in a sleeve, stamped /100 with a glow in the dark image at the back ha ha … but them i’m told that there are no 100 editions ha ha – that’s why i mailed Keith and you guys, the numbers weren’t stacking up …. what i’m really after now is the sprayed hand made sleeve edition ha ha – by the way a real and much welcome surprise to arrive home with this release waiting for me …… thanks again …..

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