tom rogerson and brian eno

from one slice of sublime to another, incoming December a collaborative album forged from the pairing of talents that is Tom Rogerson and Brian Eno. This is the rather distractive ‘motion in field’ – a track taken from a new album entitled ‘finding shore’. Heartbreakingly beautifully, the tender emotional touching and lightly toned expressions casting something of a lunar flutterby, a point where the outer spectrums of kosmische collide with a classicist eye, its delicate disarming crafted upon an orbital waltz motif not unlike soundwise, it has to be said, that instinctive ear for melody, composition and expression of both feeling and the tranquil as evidenced on releases bearing the distictive name of Qluster upon their hide albeit here as though seasoned by the ice carved melodic intuition of an ‘at bracken’ era fortdax.   

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