full bucket

anyone fancy some dystopian VHS groove, with all this talk of Blade Runner make over’s and the adoration poured upon the sounds emanating from the Stranger Things universe, not to mention a certain John Carpenter retuning his finest sound track moments., here’s a little something then that ought to clip the ear of those faithful to the analogue cause. This is from Full Bucket, a cut by the name ‘fr33ze’ which I’m sure you’ll agree, appears to over the course of its near seven-minute stay, shoehorn enough tropes and familiar nods as to be the cause of a pub quiz question asking punters to identify all the elements. Now don’t read that to mean there’s no individuality here, there is, and in abundance, yet this cut straddles, so many references its head hurting as it astral glides by way of Vangelis and Tangerine Dream to the Orb and Orbital, stopping of momentarily at Faltermayer, Yellow Magic Orchestra and of course Mr Carpenter. https://soundcloud.com/full-bucket/fr33ze

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