the beaulieu porch

Am I missing a trick here, I mean to say, why isn’t the Beaulieu Porch far more household name than some other less deserving souls currently frequenting the psychedelic universe. Blessed with a carnival of sound irrefutably aglow in the richest fineries of that olde peculiar known as English eccentrica and nursed on the vintage whimsy of Syd Barret and the surreal mushroom mosaics etched by the Beatles’ ‘magic mystery tour’, the Beaulieu Porch occupies a nether land sprayed in dreaming wonder, the recently released ‘keep on screaming’ download, free an all, sublimely blended the rarest of craft in pairing together elements of the Zombies, Nick Nicely and the Ooberman. ‘IS’ currently available with a limited accompaniment of signed copies of ‘the view from Gainsborough / of particles’ 7 inch, features this here nugget in waiting which goes by the name ‘golden face’ – think the Luck of Eden Hall, the Chemistry Set and Nick Nicely shoehorned into a finite studio space cooking up strange lysergic spell craft.


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