The New & Improved Active Listener Sampler

Briefly back with ‘The New & Improved Active Listener Sampler’ which though mentioned in earlier despatches, we promised to revisit again and almost forget in all the chaos that is the Sunday Experience shambles for a sonic shed. Anyhow, we will, I promise, pick up the threads of this hopefully later in the week. For now, a little smattering of selected gems, this being the nearing of All Hallows what better way than for a spot of spooky sonic duck apple courtesy of Keith Seatman’s ‘odd in a nightcap and a cup’. It’s a track that locates you in a place one might suspect that most wouldn’t venture had they the choice, a delightful slice of ethereal disturbia, the misty melodies, a conspiratorial gathering of ghostly fairgrounds, chamber spectrals and unearthly utterances, rise like amorphous apparitions to instil a twin faceted sense of dread and enchantment. Much admired around these here parts, three dimensional tanx go all nuts down and far out, pressing down heavy on the warp factor settings for some seriously stoned and wigged out space boogie courtesy of ‘astral plane flight attendant’ – a mind mushrooming sortie that ought to be on the radar of folk who dig the tripping sounds happening out of the mighty Sulatron imprint. Last up for this brief stop by, east and west rendezvous’ ‘Colombo’ heads matters out to the resting groove though not before spraying your listening space in a beard forming lazy eyed and mellowed bliss kissed sleepy haze, imagine a super chilled and seriously laid back Insektlife Cycle tooting on the biggest of peace pipes and getting fried on a diet of softly stirred countrified psych mosaics spaced out on woozy 70’s MOR trims.   



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