tom o.c. wilson

been an absolute age since pickled egg records troubled these pages, yet trouble they do with what sounds like a kooky corker if this here teaser track is anything to judge by. Pulled from an incoming album ‘tell a friend’, this is Tom O C Wilson with a track called ‘the ones’. A real scatter ball of a track that tiptoes, darts and delights with a peculiar sense of impish craftiness to forge something which distantly flutters into terrains occasioned by the likes of William D Drake albeit concocting distant homages to Vernon Elliott. That said, it’s the flightiness and airiness of its almost casual like playfulness that whispers softly in your ear subliminally compelling you to hit the repeat button if only to affirm your initial thoughts that it be clever, compositionally crooked and above all, clearly the work of a precocious talent.   

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