the house in the woods

There’s been much gnashing of teeth occasioned by tears at the news that all 77 copies of the latest cassette from The House in the Woods has long since flown the coup, hopefully to loving homes. This, I don’t mind saying, is frankly immaculate. Side one of the release, titled ‘Paralysis’, if this doesn’t have you going wow whilst trying to pick up your jaw from the floor with heart a aching and tears a flowing, then we have to wonder, why are you bothering reading this, better still isn’t there another web site you can trundle off to in search of vacuous pop cheapness. Now I’m minded to say Antonymes might be your first reference marker and yes I know it’s 35 minutes in length, indeed a tall order in one serving, but believe you me, well worth the investment of time and undivided consideration, for here amid the crystalline frost flecked fissures an immeasurably beautiful euphoric radiance shifts into ascendancy amid the thawing classicist spectrals, as though some heavenly passing in eclipse formation, in its parting a vapour hissed void descends with the arrival of a despairing hush before the advent of a siren hail distantly moving through the foggy mists ushers in like some celestial occurrence. The effect overall, both majestic and church like, really is something else.

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