the big drum in the sky religion

Just 10 of these knocking around, a twin track cassette heading out of Bristol’s Liquid Factory imprint, this particular release featuring the wilfully wild and untamed sounds of the big drum in the sky religion courtesy of ‘Super Panentheistic Freakout Infinity’. Now be honest, title alone and you’re thinking ‘I want some of that’ and you haven’t even heard a note, truth is neither have we. We joke of course, our heads being turned on to the fried and freakish manifestations scratching away at the tapes lead cut ‘Alpha’ – wonderfully cacophonic, caustic and dishevelled, for here a curdling stew gouged in feedback squall disfigures, fractures and splinters with wayward panache, freeform stoner freak noise, sometimes jazzy, sometimes psychy yet always noisy, totally damaged and reassuringly wired and weirded out, a bit like an impromptu Acid Mothers shamanic work out mid-way through one of their extended bonged out noodle doodles and something that ought to figure highly in the record / tape collections of those much subscribing to the various guises that form the extended Henry Cow family.

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