tales of terror

this one comes with a glossy comic, a CD compilation and all manner of blood splatter and hand prints, indeed I think I want one. ‘#1 of Tales of Terror’ should satiate all your spooky desires this coming Hallowe’en, a fourteen-track gathering of folk, some fast n’ scuzzy, some just scuzzy, some just fast with the occasional moon howling nod to Tom Waits via Lupen Crook as on Doug Flesh and the Slashers’ old school a – roving coffin skiffle shuffle ‘something in the shadows’. Those fancying their sounds gouged in the spirit of a manic 100mph Dead Kennedy’s might do well to head over to the Probes’ blistering ‘the Gray Man’ while fast n’ furious punk ahoy pogoing potency is awash on the rapid fire ‘Osceola Wants His Head Back’ by Will Brack and the Sacred Ones. That said our favourite moment arrives courtesy of the menacingly schizoid and detuned psychosis stricken b-movie ghoul-ishness of the Gyrojets slasher punk-a-rama ‘Ann The Babysitter’. https://talesofterror.bandcamp.com/album/tales-of-terror-issue-1

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