wandering eldar

here’s a little something that ought to prick the ears of those admiring of the strangely ethereal and somewhat out there happenings eking out at disturbing frequency from the Reverb Worship sound shed. In truth there are moments here when Wandering Eldar stumble upon the hallowed mystical ground of the Hare and the Moon, none more so is this the case than on the opening salvo ‘blackbird’ where to the ominous twilight hum of a ghostly pulsar, strange apparitions shimmer in the shadow lengthening dusk like sirens bewitching with the strangely enchanting choral tones, very Preterite it should be said. Somewhere else there’s the beautified seafaring isolation of the uber tranquil ‘roving out’ calling to mind the much-missed Stylus while the equally entrancing ‘Hero’ attracts something of a floaty and amorphous grace like touching to its crafted bow. Strangeness aplenty with the passing of ‘tally po’ – a ghostly narration disturbed and chilling, providing the set with its sore thumb moment. The mood and indeed clouds pass with the coming of the parting ‘circles in the sand at Scarborough’ – a beautifully woven dream drift that takes the traditional folk structure of ‘Scarborough fair’ as it primary source and weaves it into a lushly airy ethereal, quite beguiling if you ask me. You can find the ‘Wyrdfolk’ EP heading out of the Hare’s Breath imprint. https://wanderingeldar.bandcamp.com/album/wyrdfolk-e-p

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