Another cheery soul that was originally prepped for feature on the Halloween hullabaloo, this is Parentz with ‘ghost’ which to give a little back story, per the bands write up goes a little like this ……

‘I was watching Ghost starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg, and I thought what if that movie happened today but instead of dying after a long relationship where you were about to get married what if you died after you had like one tinder date and the girl thought you just didn’t like her, but you were actually dead. Happy Halloween!

Okay for those that know me, the mere mention of the film ‘ghost’ is liable to have my eyes a rolling sometimes accompanied with vague utterances usually centred around ‘Jeez’ though more often than not coloured and animated in a forgotten Anglo-Saxon tongue – ahem. Happy to say, that any such misgivings fade when this track rears into view, would I be right in saying, approaching Aloof like cool as though retuned by the Neighbourhood, its smoky smouldering turned and teased in a magnetic sophistication that purrs with softly lit seduction.

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