brona mcvittie

more apologies due, this time to Brona McVittie whose message we foolishly mislaid. Anyhow to make amends, we eyed this on a recent posting, two early preview tracks from a forthcoming album wrapped up as a single. Now how gorgeous is this, just relocates you to another place, somewhere magical and far from the fury and decay of modern day life, ‘under the pines’ with its airily dream draped oriental whisperings, is harvested upon a bespoken spectral folk mysticism whose idyllic pastoral genteel is hushed and murmured in enchantment, reference wise you might need to re-acquaint yourselves with Damon and Naomi’s collaboration with Ghost from several years ago for starters as well as Smile Down Upon Us which isn’t the least bit unusual when casting an eye over the credits and finding a certain Keiron Phelan applying flute motifs. Over on the flip, the equally beguiling ‘Newry mountain’ awaits, a traditional love ballad stirred to a faithful vintage and daubed with an exquisite phrasing that had us much minded of those early releases heading out of the much-missed Hobby Horse imprint, namely Nancy Wallace.

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