Been a while since we visited the goings on over at mega dodo, seems they have a dinky little charity release just out celebrating and supporting the immense work done by the Children in Need folk. ‘tiddlywinks’ is a strictly limited 100 only CD outing, all profits raised going to this admirable cause, within its grooves a nursery festooned magic land of the playful and quaint huddled up in an expectant circle with glasses of milk and biscuits and a ready for a snoozing break to invoke an affectionate connection to a lost and forgotten childhood. For here, a celebrated cast of Mega Dodo regulars apply their individual crafts to grace and adore a chosen childhood nursery rhyme of their choice, as the press blurb states some stayed faithful while others errantly marched off following their own peculiar muse, yet all the same, each cut a distantly familiar and much welcome return to a personal space where wide eyed innocence and discovery where in seemingly endless play. Four tracks of the collected ten feature on the preview player, the much missed Beautify Junkyards opening the account with the wonderfully twinkle tipped and pastorally peeled ‘the miller’s song’ here daubed in softly sun kissed euphoria and shimmered in skipping sighs of radiantly cooed giddy up’s. Next up, Paolo Sana gracefully teases and rephrases ‘a wise old owl’ in the delicate spray of sitar lilts from which form a delightfully mysterious Eastern phrased haze amid whose snaking mystique an enchanting folk ghosting emerges dimpled in the kind of melodic mirages that point the way to a George Harrison seasoning. Favourites around these here parts, the Telephones retune ‘Mary had a little lamb’ to a typically turned soft psych purr that’s festooned in oodles of alluring 60’s chime chirped beat cool. Last up for this briefly lulling interlude, with its dreamy opines and cutely cosy toed Winter tipped frost fancies, Icarus Peel intricately weaves a wonderfully woozy and far out hazy tapestry upon which ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ is set, very trippy and somewhat    warmly aglow with festive wonder. https://soundcloud.com/mega-dodo/sets/tiddlywinks

Image of Tiddlywinks limited edition CD

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