vibravoid / echotrain

Next missive out we promise there’ll be more fond words poured upon the latest issue of Timemazine. For now, the limited vinyl 7 inch you’ll find accompanying this Greek based psych bible arrives in choices of green or black wax and features a cut apiece from both Vibravoid and Echotrain. Of course Vibravoid need no introductions here having occasioned these pages via appearances on the esteemed Fruits de Mer imprint, here they turn in some head expanding 60’s shimmer toned vintage with ‘timemazine woman’ all adoringly shroomed in a kaleidoscopic beat groove with elements of Fuxa and Sunray swirling dreamily amid its dissipating locked grooved sun flecked mesmerics. Echotrain over the flip usher in with ‘portland 69’, a curiously frying slice of psychedelic freak beaty-ness emerging from the shadows of the likes of Sendelica et al and crafted upon a darkly snaking atmospheric template that at first instantly calls to mind classic Jefferson Airplane, yet scratch a little deeper and what lurks down in the depths of this tripping progressive psychedelic happening is an irrefutable admiration for early Supersister.

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