Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping… Transmission 44.0….

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 44.0…. w/e 5/11/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….

Returning after all the japes, scares and near breakdown in cobbling together our Halloween special, still available to peruse somewhere here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/10/31/look-what-we-sneaked-on-online-while-you-were-sleeping-on-halloween/ loads of killer stuff even if we do say so ourselves, which in fairness we have to because no one else has, blood sweat and tears invested in that ‘un. Anyway, lots of ghoulish grooviness amongst the picks Burning Witches’ ‘Halloween’ mix tape, several from the Heartwood Institute, something damn fine from the May Company and other stuff. Anyhow, now that Halloween is away and gone, we need to mention the elephant in the room, indeed Christmas – we are now taking submissions for festive related gubbins, if you thought the Halloween special was mad then the Christmas special is the work of lunacy, pencilled in for Christmas Eve visitation. In addition, we will be cobbling together an eye watering special gathering together all the items we missed this year, or a portion of at least, it’s a kind of sorry to those who slipped beneath the radar due to time constraints or whatever else, it will be mammoth, we’ve kind of been keeping one in the background – a log of need to listen to releases and that document is thus far about 53 pages in length. This may well serve as the year end transmission – quite possibly the last ever, after that we are at a loss where to go with all this, it’s been two decades by and large doing these musings, been immense fun but in truth I don’t know where to take it next. So, on that souring note, onwards to the latest transmission, a tad smaller than previous outings, well you did get the Halloween special, so add that to this and it kinda makes for a doubled-up edition … so without further ado ..    

Opening grooves ….

… a little something from many years ago ….

Features …. Pulselovers, kramies, parentz, the galaxy electric, sounds like a crime,  Art objects, fatal microbes, rosa yemen, liquid liquid, blurt, androids of mu, second layer, visitors, throbbing gristle, dream machine, timothy fife, finders keepers halloween pod, pulco, brona mcvittie, stef chura, pink elephants, clustersun, the clientele, panophonic, noise cluster, the age of coloured lizards, the corrupting sea, cabin fever, angel olsen, grasshopper, paolo sana, icarus peel, the telephones, beautify junkyards, Swedish death candy, earache, it’s trash, john peel, vibravoid, echotrain, fireworks night, bonfire nights,  lovexpress ….

opening this particular account with the rather wonderful Pulselovers, who I’m fairly certain must surely be veering in to the eyeline of Deep Distance’s radar anyday soon. Anyhow this is an extended sonic soiree culled from a recent appearance at Humber St in August, this one initially sounding like a version of Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark hatching along on a parallel time line insularly incubated noodling out strangely lulling spectral star waltzes while their more well-known familiar assumed a more darkly enigmatic grace toning by way of ‘Organisation’. From out of its gloopy kosmische casing, think equal influences of Echoboy and Add N to X flirting amid the grooves, something wonderfully intricate and astutely informed by a classic schooling of legendary 70’s German engineering emerges which we somehow suspect ought to prick the ear of those folks over at Bureau B. 

The sincerest of apologies to Kramies, this one missed the cut for our Halloween special, due to the fact that we were perilously in danger of losing our mind due to setting ourselves a ridiculously close and pulse rate accelerating deadline and well, not wishing to rush it or fulch the mention, we thought it deserved a moment on its own. Demurred in a wonderfully gallows aura, stung and cradled in reflection and ached in a yearn that howls sorrowfully with a head bowed loss. Let me pause and ask at this point, are you still with us on this one or are you curled up like a ball in the corner bawling uncontrollably. We’ll push on then, for pressed upon this, the willowy sigh of honeysuckle psych ghostings and a sense of the fading of optimisms spark sour seductively to the withdrawing haloes of the riff croons, in short ‘I wish I missed you’ is at once emotionally crushing yet all the same, bruisingly beautiful. 

Another cheery soul that was originally prepped for feature on the Halloween hullabaloo, this is Parentz with ‘ghost’ which to give a little back story, per the bands write up goes a little like this ……

‘I was watching Ghost starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg, and I thought what if that movie happened today but instead of dying after a long relationship where you were about to get married what if you died after you had like one tinder date and the girl thought you just didn’t like her, but you were actually dead. Happy Halloween!

Okay for those that know me, the mere mention of the film ‘ghost’ is liable to have my eyes a rolling sometimes accompanied with vague utterances usually centred around ‘Jeez’ though more often than not coloured and animated in a forgotten Anglo-Saxon tongue – ahem. Happy to say, that any such misgivings fade when this track rears into view, would I be right in saying, approaching Aloof like cool as though retuned by the Neighbourhood, its smoky smouldering turned and teased in a magnetic sophistication that purrs with softly lit seduction. https://soundcloud.com/parentz/ghost/s-McWdh  

Not officially out for a week or so from what we hear via their press folk, now initial opening moments of this had us immediately alerted that something very Le Super Homard was on the cards and while we still stick with that first hearing assessment, add to that mix a very subtle Broadcast as though shimmied up to Pram 60’s monochrome vibing with the spectral noir detailing and analogue electronic noodling channelling a delightfully eerie though all the same, low lit lo-fi lilt that one might imagine emanating from a secluded sound house whereupon Lake Ruth, Tara king th and Death and Vanilla where to be found swapping musical notes. Anyway, this be the Galaxy Electric with the quietly enigmatic ‘tomorrow was better yesterday’.

Mentioned these folk in our recent Halloween special whereupon they turned in a superb homage to Mr Carpenter, word has it they are next in line for some polytechnic youth lathe love. Between now and then, there’s the small question of a new EP entitled ‘Mosura’ attracting favourable glances in the listening room. Slipstreaming between tonalities both dark and light, Dream Division appear sveltely equipped in the finite art of the changing of moods at the drop of a hat, culturing a sound that appears outside of a time bounding, that’s to say at once yesterday, now and tomorrow, their craft seamlessly shapeshifts from cold war electronische to a future age AI clubland phrasing. Just a brief dip here, before our free listening credits have had a chance to exhaust. ‘dark force’ silently surveys the kind of solitary sonic spectrums frequented by the likes of Pye Corner Audio, Polypores and the Heartwood Institute, at once brooding and ominous, there’s a bruising noir pulse edgily gouged by a looming undercurrent of nightmarish future visions, quite Frizzi / Goblin in style all said. It’s dark designing seductively housing a fear of futures to come all shaped in a cold austere chassis, ‘don’t run’ inhabits the tech terror fault lines between Numan’s mech tech dystopian nightmare ‘Replicas’ and the cold crystalline assimilation of ‘pleasure principle’, a silvered all-seeing AI symphony. Forced to choose a favourite moment, ‘Sirens’ might well rise to surface high in our affection, this lunar siren, whilst irrefutably informed of the kind of forlorn bruising found oozing across the grooves of Carpenter’s recent ‘Lost Themes II’ collection, there’s a genteel and mercurial artistry at work here whose emotional investment, wide screen poise and sense of fading grandeur hints of nights spent versing itself in the craft of Vangelis. https://dreamdivision.bandcamp.com/album/mosura  

sorry, but here’s another we missed from off the Halloween special, true is we knew it was about, went searching, couldn’t find and ended posting last years spooky special instead, because we are nice like that. This is the quite perfect Finders Keepers folk with this years Halloween haunts in spooky stereo to boot – oh and the Lovely Eggs drop by …. More from these folk a little later, with killer stuff from Suzanne Cianni…. https://soundcloud.com/finderskeepersrecords/finders-keepers-radio-halloween-special-1  

more apologies due, this time to Brona McVittie whose message we foolishly mislaid. Anyhow to make amends, we eyed this on a recent posting, two early preview tracks from a forthcoming album wrapped up as a single. Now how gorgeous is this, just relocates you to another place, somewhere magical and far from the fury and decay of modern day life, ‘under the pines’ with its airily dream draped oriental whisperings, is harvested upon a bespoken spectral folk mysticism whose idyllic pastoral genteel is hushed and murmured in enchantment, reference wise you might need to re-acquaint yourselves with Damon and Naomi’s collaboration with Ghost from several years ago for starters as well as Smile Down Upon Us which isn’t the least bit unusual when casting an eye over the credits and finding a certain Keiron Phelan applying flute motifs. Over on the flip, the equally beguiling ‘Newry mountain’ awaits, a traditional love ballad stirred to a faithful vintage and daubed with an exquisite phrasing that had us much minded of those early releases heading out of the much-missed Hobby Horse imprint, namely Nancy Wallace. https://bronamcvittie.bandcamp.com/album/under-the-pines  

typically skewiff, this here is apparently the final release by Pulco as Ash Cooke transitions to his newer and more detuned alter ego Chow Mwng, this be ‘legal highs’ a track pulled from a fuller set called ‘Artzoo’ – clues on the tin title folks, a slacker-ing roustabout hit up with all manner of pub rock vibing, new wave nuances and Fall-esque sore thumb-ness, of course we here are adoring of its acutely wiry Beefheart-y quirkiness, opining prairie riff-ness and general all round oddness, just 20 copies, yep you read right – TWENTY, quite insanely essential. https://recordiauprin.bandcamp.com/album/artzoo  

newly peeled video from the Clientele backing ‘the neighbour’ – the latest cut from their acclaimed ‘must for the age of miracles’. A classically distilled Clientele vintage is afoot here, the melodies demurred and hushed, glint amorphously draped in a delirious sun glazed baroque afterburn, a lost art these days to which only the adored Beaulieu Porch seem adept of crafting.

This ‘un is heading out of Saddle Creek from an album entitled ‘messes’ by Stef Chura, it’s called ‘speeding ticket’ and has, I don’t mind admitting, been on repeat play for all the reasons you wouldn’t immediately first expect. Sure enough it isn’t about you like a rash, there’s no discernible verse / chorus / verse dynamic going on and neither is there an identifiable hook to drag you along. However, it’s the emotional peeling shedding away with each torn strum dragging you deeper in its wounded web and the way it’s slow to burn close intimacy scratches and claws serving a seriously impacting delayed punch that gathered together, had us reeling off our listening perch.


Those of you familiar with BBC Radio 4’s Sunday magazine show ‘broadcasting house’ will be all too familiar with their adoption of the ‘slow telly’ – i think it’s called that – phenomenon from Sweden, you know the crackling open fire video. Well these folk have taken it one step further in inviting listeners to send in all manner of field recordings such as snoozing cats, dripping taps and paint drying, so on and so forth. You get the picture. Well here’s a few we eyed on that there you tube, particularly useful if you have irritating neighbours, but you never heard that from me.



We’ll just start this particular mention with the word ‘wow’. New groove from Pink Elephants entitled ‘psychic mirrors’ from off which has been peeled for heralding duties ‘surrender (shut your eyes)’. We here are literally paralysed with delirium, a six minute bliss bathed head trip is what’s afoot, hazed in narcotic vapours, this sublime dream draped slice of third eye astral planning, mellows and melts to a floaty cosmic cosiness, its demurring milky murmurs and riff dissipates dissolving to form softly mesmeric mosaics of the calibre that aside freefalling into a slow mo fashioning of the type that occasioned the flip sides of very early Verve flips, also purrs as though a hitherto mid-way point where Spacemen 3 imploded and from out of the fall out Spiritualized emerged.

Video here – https://www.facebook.com/elizabee.than/videos/2015771955318719/  

A very much worthwhile cause, out via Patetico recordings this is ‘Rock Back: Stronger than the storm’ – a fifty – six strong gathering in support of the victims of the recent devastations brought to bear by Hurricanes’ Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Such is the size of this mammoth compilation, we might have to revisit it on occasion, dipping in and out as were over the course of the next few missives or so. From what we’ve heard thus far, not a duff cut in ear shot and a sizeable return on your pledge so dig deep. But where to begin, truth has it we are so spoiled for choice that we are going dizzy for among this enviable roster are featured Ummagma, Whimsical, Rev Rev Rev, Fire Cone Children, Sounds of Sputnik, the Skating Party, Remora and Beatastic – all of whom have graced these pages in recent memory. However, us being ever awkward have chosen to put these folk on a back burner for now in favour of newly found loves. But then, where to begin, best then start at the end, as it happens with the labels head honcho’s band and man responsible for the compiling of this excellent set, Tom Lugo. During Stellarscope downtime, Lugo heads up Panophonic who here round out matters with the enigmatic ‘after the sun’ – a Velveteen ghost rider whose bruised and tearful orbital opine emerges into view haloed in a radiantly hymnal translucence whose softly stepped majesty divinely swoons and swirls in a frost kissed flavouring of Spiritualized tongues. Clustersun who I deeply suspect, have at some point, flirted upon our radar, serve up the at once atmospheric and turbulent wide screen overture ‘the whirling dervish’ – a colossal cut sky fired and sublimely cut and carved in progian dramatics, devastatingly beautiful and consumingly alluring. From Clustersun to Noise Cluster, and you thought we just randomly threw these things together. ‘Disasteriod KA’ is dark and I mean dark as in light sucking, a bit like having your own sonic black hole in your listening space, quite eerie to I should say, it’s probing monochrome mantra acutely forged of chilling dead eyed like surveillance haunting, very unearthly and something you might well find listening from behind the sofa a preferred option. Also featured and proving to be something of a much-loved distraction around these parts, the Age of Coloured Lizards hook up with ‘wake up’ – one of those kind of tracks whose fizzing slow burn peel had us much recalling the finest moments of say, the Bus Stop, Summershine and Wilde Club sound houses and with that almost had us of a mind to go rooting out our much treasuired Pale Saints platters. Last up for this visit, familiar friends the Corrupting Sea steal in with ‘horizon’. At once silent and sorrowful yet poised and pressed in a beautifully introspective bruising that aside being sublimely tailored in both a spectral intimacy and an emotionally crushing detailing, comes ghosted in the celestial whispering of angel sighs. 

Your time, support and donations are hugely appreciated.


Full track listing as follows …..

  1. BNLX – Penny Drops (USA)
  2. The Churchhill Garden – Breath (Sweden)
  3. Vibrissae – Incident Report (USA)
  4. Chiaroscuro – Empty Apartment (USA)
  5. BEATASTIC – Nothing Will Be The Same This Year (MWYDU remix) (UK)
  6. Flamingo Chicks – Mountain Bunny (USA)
  7. Fragile Tom – Removed From Fiction (Germany)
  8. Lusterlit – Flight (USA)
  9. Ummagma – Human Factor (Canada/Ukraine)
  10. Whimsical – Beautiful Virtue (USA)
  11. The Sorry Shop – Queen Of The North (Brazil)
  12. Tomorrow Forever – Do You Feel What I Feel (Italy)
  13. Dani Mari & Chris Miller – Emerald City (USA)
  14. Remora – Sayme (USA)
  15. Angel Falls – No Breeze (Long Version) (USA)
  16. Creature in The Spiral – Anodyne (USA)
  17. ArTLs – Eternity (USA)
  18. CLUSTERSUN – The Whirling Dervish 08:04 (Italy)
  19. Gustavo Leyes – No Me Miras 03:09
  20. Entre-Knobs – Xmas not so much (feat. Rob Boyd) (Argentina)
  21. Cascadia Fault Line – Tide to the moon (UK)
  22. Distant Creatures – Faith (USA)
  23. Blackpool Astronomy – In the wake of the night (USA)
  24. Periscope – Green Onions (UK)
  25. The Corrupting Sea – Horizon (USA)
  26. Soft Skies Inc – Top of the stars (USA)
  27. NAX – Siguiendo a las estrellas (Argentina)
  28. Alison Clancy – ET Phone Home (USA)
  29. My Favourite Things – A little closer (USA)
  30. Noise Cluster – Disasteriod KA (Italy)
  31. Painted Mirror – Tell me maybe (USA)
  32. MINT THE BAND – A horror story (USA)
  33. New Zero God – Tarrot Card Reader (Greece)
  34. New Nobility – Rebel hero (Australia)
  35. Bleach Bath – Shampoo (Canada)
  36. Clarence Mayhew – Irma judges you (USA)
  37. Red Crickets – My deviance (Finland)
  38. Violentene – Denial (Canada/US)
  39. THE QUESTION (eLaMoRTe) – Arian Rhod (mourning version) (Colombia)
  40. Two Way Analog – Not too late (UK)
  41. Sounds of Sputnik – Shades of the cosmos (Russia)
  42. The Skating Party – Strangled by stars (USA)
  43. The Raft – Glad I don’t know (UK)
  44. Sana Obruent – Adumbra Lineamenta Satis Quieta (USA)
  45. City of Dawn – Through our eyes (USA)
  46. El Ultimo Espacio Identico – Dos meses (Argentina)
  47. Parsons Rocket Project – Exit launch (USA)
  48. Lux’s Dream – Type 4 (France)
  49. The Age of Colored Lizards – Wake Up (Norway)
  50. Fir Cone Children – Action Speaks Louder Than Words (Germany)
  51. Tiananmen – The sun remains (Guatemala)
  52. The Blue Hour – Block the sound (USA)
  53. REV REV REV – We can but dream (Italy)
  54. Gr3g Hunt – Irma (USA)
  55. Whyme – Toda tu vida en un dia (Mexico)
  56. Panophonic – After the storm (USA)

Another release that’s been flittering in and out of our listening space these last few days, a new one from Cabin Fever by the name ‘exercise the demon’ which aside having us thinking initially, should that really be ‘exorcise’, was on title alone perhaps on reflection, better suited for our recent Halloween special. However, listen in a little and it becomes immediately apparent that perhaps it wouldn’t have suited after all, given its magically murmured in an affectionately bruised Autumnal afterglow that swoons, swells and smoulders with introspection, its melodic phrasing tingled in subtle Bucolic blossoming beautifully to a souring lazy eyed crestfallen lollop whose spectral gelling flickers pristinely to recall a dumbstruck Mayflowers shimmied up alongside a thoughtfully head bowed Archer Prewitt, really is the ticket.  https://soundcloud.com/thecabinfever/exercise-the-demon   

In three various variations, one on black wax, the other a little rarer on red and the latter rarer still on lathe cut vinyl, this be Grasshopper, the parting track as it happens from a newly carved three track debut turntable playing platter. This is ‘the great unravelling’ which I’ll be honest had me immediately relocated meeting my younger self whilst hugging my transistor listening to a c.81 Peel broadcast, at once brooding, mysterious and gloomed in an austere post punk atmosphere so prevalent of the day, we here half imagining some secret studio gathering with members of the Wild Swans, the Passage and Ellery Bop swapping conspiratorial notes for some great Northern uprising. Unassumingly stunning and available through Brighton’s Bleeding Heart imprint. https://bleedingheartrecordings.bandcamp.com/album/nothing-like-us-3-track-single  

One of the finest things we’ve heard this year, video to accompany the quite immaculate ‘special’ by Angel Olsen, mentioned here somewhere in previous dispatches ..  https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/09/29/angel-olsen/ – nuff said …..

Think I’m right in saying that this ‘un sold out of its numbered 111 limited edition in Nano seconds t’other night, latest to the eclectic sound bank that is Polytechnic Youth from Timothy Fife. Just ahead of another super limited lathe cut by Dream Division due I believe this coming weekend, the twin track set entitled ‘all tomorrows remembered’ / ‘simulacra’ plays inside out, indeed end groove outwards, the inner sleeve depicting a tutorial as to how this feat of bewitchment is to be performed, in fact the keen eyed among you might well note those legendary run out / catalogue etchings appear on the outer groove. Doesn’t affect the sounds within I’m happy to report, the aforementioned cut providing a nifty slice of bliss bathed head shrooming dream machina kosmische which given the right settings and surroundings might well induce moments of astral gliding elation or at very worst a mild case of swirling eyeballs and temporary mild melting drama. Over t’other side, our favoured option in case you were asking, cerebral chill out in a word or more, love the way the cosmic flotillas airlessly expand and contract to create delightfully willowy and woozy sonic wormholes, very trippy and somewhat serene, in truth it’s as though a very small segment from KLF’s original, and far superior of all the mixes, version of ‘last train to transcentral’ had been extracted, stretched and a beam of light had been shone upon to reveal all of its murmuring musical microcosms.

Been a while since we visited the goings on over at mega dodo, seems they have a dinky little charity release just out celebrating and supporting the immense work done by the Children in Need folk. ‘tiddlywinks’ is a strictly limited 100 only CD outing, all profits raised going to this admirable cause, within its grooves a nursery festooned magic land of the playful and quaint huddled up in an expectant circle with glasses of milk and biscuits and a ready for a snoozing break to invoke an affectionate connection to a lost and forgotten childhood. For here, a celebrated cast of Mega Dodo regulars apply their individual crafts to grace and adore a chosen childhood nursery rhyme of their choice, as the press blurb states some stayed faithful while others errantly marched off following their own peculiar muse, yet all the same, each cut a distantly familiar and much welcome return to a personal space where wide eyed innocence and discovery where in seemingly endless play. Four tracks of the collected ten feature on the preview player, the much missed Beautify Junkyards opening the account with the wonderfully twinkle tipped and pastorally peeled ‘the miller’s song’ here daubed in softly sun kissed euphoria and shimmered in skipping sighs of radiantly cooed giddy up’s. Next up, Paolo Sana gracefully teases and rephrases ‘a wise old owl’ in the delicate spray of sitar lilts from which form a delightfully mysterious Eastern phrased haze amid whose snaking mystique an enchanting folk ghosting emerges dimpled in the kind of melodic mirages that point the way to a George Harrison seasoning. Favourites around these here parts, the Telephones retune ‘Mary had a little lamb’ to a typically turned soft psych purr that’s festooned in oodles of alluring 60’s chime chirped beat cool. Last up for this briefly lulling interlude, with its dreamy opines and cutely cosy toed Winter tipped frost fancies, Icarus Peel intricately weaves a wonderfully woozy and far out hazy tapestry upon which ‘twinkle twinkle little star’ is set, very trippy and somewhat    warmly aglow with festive wonder. https://soundcloud.com/mega-dodo/sets/tiddlywinks  

following our words of fondness for the Clustersun track found swooning the grooves of Patetico’s immense ‘rock back – stronger than the storm’ charity gathering – see above, a much welcome message was received from Mario of the band alerting us to a recently released full length by the name ‘surfacing to breathe’ via seahorse recordings. As yet we’ve not had a chance to delve into it yet, so while we do, here’s a tasty little morsel culled from its grooves, this be the sun bursting jubilance that is the quite divine and euphoria swooned ‘lonely moon’, a lovelorn stratospheric rapture ablaze in Slowdive-esque shimmering all blessed and bathed in bliss kissed sky fired fanfares whose impacting ricochets of celestial after burns literally smothers you in showers of effervescent radiance.


No prizes for guessing that our initial draw to this cutie was the band’s name, I mean how can you resist the potential happenings from a band choosing to call themselves Swedish Death Candy. Happy to find that the groovy goings on within match the imagining, this ‘un – incidentally called ‘last dream’ being pulled from a soon to be released self-titled full length. Best described as heavy psych, there’s certainly a kaleidoscopic pop prowess afoot here that dovetails into terrains frequented by both Hookworms and Toy, yet scratch a little deeper and something far darker that’s gouged in a vintage stoner detailing looms large to call to mind the humungous head tripping highs of the much-adored Bad Afro leading lights Baby Woodrose. 

John Peel corner ….





Interlude … it’s a post punk thing …. Art objects, fatal microbes, rosa yemen, liquid liquid, blurt, androids of mu, second layer, visitors, throbbing gristle ….

Art Objects …

Fatal microbes ….

Rosa yemen …..

Liquid liquid ….

Blurt ….

Androids of mu ….

Second layer ….

Visitors …

Throbbing gristle ….

Next missive out we promise there’ll be more fond words poured upon the latest issue of Timemazine. For now, the limited vinyl 7 inch you’ll find accompanying this Greek based psych bible arrives in choices of green or black wax and features a cut apiece from both Vibravoid and Echotrain. Of course Vibravoid need no introductions here having occasioned these pages via appearances on the esteemed Fruits de Mer imprint, here they turn in some head expanding 60’s shimmer toned vintage with ‘timemazine woman’ all adoringly shroomed in a kaleidoscopic beat groove with elements of Fuxa and Sunray swirling dreamily amid its dissipating locked grooved sun flecked mesmerics. Echotrain over the flip usher in with ‘portland 69’, a curiously frying slice of psychedelic freak beaty-ness emerging from the shadows of the likes of Sendelica et al and crafted upon a darkly snaking atmospheric template that at first instantly calls to mind classic Jefferson Airplane, yet scratch a little deeper and what lurks down in the depths of this tripping progressive psychedelic happening is an irrefutable admiration for early Supersister.

Apologies to all concerned for the delays, but this is our current turntable obsession, expect fond words sometime tomorrow, for now we’ll leave you in the very capable hands of the simply freakish art fused sore thumb that is ‘stars’, the title track from a new album by Lovexpress out now via Furry Heart records of Italy, very Throbbing Gristle in their lighter persona at times don’t you think …. 

Stuff ….

Lathe cut curios ….

Vinyl mania documentary …..

interlude … easy listening … Luigi Zito / R. Romagnoli, Alessandro Alessandroni, Piero Umiliani, Julius Brockington, Ronnie laws, Michal Urbaniak ….

Luigi Zito / R. Romagnoli ….

Alessandro Alessandroni ….

Piero Umiliani ….

Julius Brockington ….

Ronnie laws ….

Michal Urbaniak ….


Contact resources….

Email – marklosingtoday@gmail.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thesundayexperience

Word press – marklosingtoday.wordpress.com

Twitter – @marklosingtoday

Physical – 46 Webster Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JF, UK


… end grooves …..

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