forgotten fields and krzyzis

before you all start hollering, no not a clue as to who is putting this out, shame really because this really is something else. Think Gnac, Yellow6 and Antonymes ushered into a studio and swapping notes of admiration and then setting to work sculpturing something divinely atmospheric, bruisingly intimate and hitherto dashed in forlorn. The use of space, the softly hushed detail of spectral depth not to mention the application of poise endows it with a majesty, a magnetism and a moment frozen, magnified and revealed of all its emotional facets. This is the gracefully lulling and withdrawn beauty ‘Over the Field the Zephyr Blew’ a track culled from a collaborative set by forgotten fields and krzyzis. Sublime doesn’t even begin to touch it.

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  1. Thank you, what an incredible compliment.

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