Jérémie Naulet

Had we the time, this next one might well have made the last-minute cut in our recent Halloween foray, in fact such is our scatter brain of late it was primed for feature last missive just gone until it errantly went walk abouts. Anyhow, we’ve found it, so before it goes off radar again, here’s the rather spiffing ‘Ghost’ by Jérémie Naulet, a track that’s getting plenty of nods around this here listening space, not least because amid it’s technoid fashioning a subtly threaded ice cool sense of the sinister and the mysterious inhabits its chicly murmured shape cutting lining, something which, if ears do not deceive, had us recalling the more chill grooved moments from a Biosphere back catalogue had they forged alliances with an equally laid back Orbital.  https://soundcloud.com/nauletjeremie/ghost-original-mix

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