Rock Back: Stronger than the storm

… back again with that rather immense charity compilation from Patetico going by the name ‘Rock Back: Stronger than the storm’. Mentioned last missive out, we promised to return swiftly to this again and again and here we are a second time delving a little deeper unearthing the treasures within. Now I’m fairly certain we’ve mentioned the Churchhill Garden’s previously, here with the delectably breathless slow to burn bruising that is ‘breath’, a cut bliss kissed in haloes of vapour trails whose sting and svelte seduction freefalls into the silent sighs of Kitchens of Distinction. Somewhere else here we strongly recommend you sample the hip wiggling smoking soul blues noir seduction of Lusterlit’s ‘flight’ not least because it snakes hypnotically shapeshifting and peeling from its sultry sonic skin to emerge dimpled in a wonderfully warmly radiant gospel grooving. Those preferring their sounds a little on the trippy and floaty side will do well to check out Periscope’s laid back loose n’ smoking cover of Booker and the MG’s legendary ‘green onions’. Last up for this brief return, Sana Obruent’s beautifully bruised and introspective ‘Adumbra Lineamenta Satis Quieta’ arrives ghosted in woozily dream dissipates crafted and cut with a longing though immeasurably crushed spectral detailing which on reflection deceptively manages to draw the invisible dots linking a more thoughtfully toned Roy Montgomery with Vini Reilly.


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