the polymer cities

Many thanks to Allan Murphy nee Midwich Youth Club, Own Brand, Mirror House et al, for sending this over, new subliminal synapse sonics from kosmische kadets the Polymer Cities, a teaser track from a forthcoming full length by the name ‘Data Rot’. This ‘un, as yet untitled from what we can gather, comes by way of a three track download single, the other two cuts will, I promise, get an airing later in the week. Astral gliding kosmische is what you get for your trouble, impeccably crafted in a 70’s styled silver age futurist vintage, the Polymer folk go all playfully dreamy, woozy and a tad (binary) funky, setting the controls for eyeball swirling bliss out and locking, tractor beam like, onto your headspace with a murmuring of fixed point mesmeric motoriks whose minimalist, yet strangely expansive pulsar palette has an imagining of demurring distress calls emitting from a distant star outpost populated by a scouting party made up variously from members of Tonfed Oren, Fly, Silver Apples, EAR and Kreidler.

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