swing atoms

I don’t mind admitting that this caught us clearly on the blind side. This is Swing Atoms with the most becoming ‘lucid dreams’ – destined for the coolest of club floor seduction, this ‘un clearly tunes itself into classic Moroder frequencies and elevates them into pure head morphing kosmische climes, a totally tripping dream machine dandy executed with crystalline purring perfection. The track comes accompanied by two additional mixes, first up, left in the hands of its rephrased Maria Love remix it mutates and morphs into a floaty mind expansive and loved up hyperreal consciousness jettisoned upon pulsing Carpenter burners while housed in its sixtoaugusto chassis the mood is dropped to demurring, upon its deeply mesmeric trance toned tapestry a noir traced after lights smoky seduction is sewn. https://soundcloud.com/emerald-and-doreen-rec/sets/swing-atoms-lucid-dreams   

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