maya danon

You see this is what happens around here, leave sound cloud player running and things previously undiscovered come falling out of the speakers. Now this strangely ethereal sortie came a whispering while we were mildly out of earshot, ‘hang on – I know that track’ I thought to myself as it breezed between rooms, that’s White Noise’s ‘your hidden dreams’ only it isn’t, well it is, but it’s by Maya Danon, available as a free download would you believe, this one being sneaked out at the tail end of last year. Now how did we miss this, because just between you and me, the original version is one of our all time favourite cuts and in truth this remodelling is quite a thing, an imagining of the track as one might expect left in the collaborative hands of say, Musetta and Fever Ray all pinned to a deliriously trancy locked grooved subtronic flavouring which by our reckoning stays faithful to the original’s otherworldly mystique and outsider attraction.

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