pull the plug

Latest two shows from the hugely enjoyable Pull the Plug are festooned in all manner of hipster happenings, the first of which, the 2/11 broadcast features a trio of twinsets from latest loves Dream Division as well as smattering of select pickings from recent nuggets by way of both the Heartwood Institute and Jane Weaver, all of whom should need no introductions here. Featured here on this teasingly short transmission a brace of selections drawn from Dream Division’s debut full length ‘mosura’, the head turner here being ‘dark force’ – exploring a similar vintage and horror glazed preset to the much loved Heartwood Institute, as said in previous musings – here –  https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/11/01/dream-division/ – this ‘un beautifully chills with a seductive macabre to recall some lost 70’s Fulci terror scored by Frizzi and Goblin. As to the Heartwood Institute, what can we say, each passing release like pieces from a jigsaw gathered together forming a picture of alternative realities, while its right to say traversing the same disturbed shadowlands as say, Concretism, Pye Corner Audio and Polypores, scratch a little deeper and stir deep into the well of displacement and psychosis and what’s revealed is a haunting kinship with the Unseen, these two tracks ‘she come back’ and ‘powers of darkness’ being pulled from his immensely darkening supernatural soundtrack ‘Witch Phase Four’ – mentioned in more detail here https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/10/31/look-what-we-sneaked-on-online-while-you-were-sleeping-on-halloween/ Inhabiting her own hermetically sealed sonic universe, or so it would seem, Jane Weaver’s intuitive ability to draw to her extensive sound palette and ethereally weave seamlessly from elements of psych, kosmische, kraut, electronica and folk with such sublime dream like grace is perhaps only matched by Goldfrapp, her range and art in diffusing them as one so that each track incorporates a multi-faceted persona is something that owes to Stereolab, with ‘elements’ featured here dovetailing dreamily into environs that fondly recall a very youthful Soundcarriers.

Shift along one week, to yesterday’s transmission, 9/11 as it happens, and we have something of a Burning Witches feast with, if I recall rightly, three tracks drawn from the labels recent Halloween mix tape ‘Witches Brew’ – a copy of which we really must strive to beg, steal or haggle for over the weekend. Mentioned with much fondness in our Halloween special – see above, tasters from All of them Witches, Timothy Fife and Deathcourt in Silicon Valley feature here. Add to that a sneak peak of new futuro funk groove from the criminally underappreciated Polymer Cities, mentioned here strangely enough https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/11/06/the-polymer-cities-7/ – very cosmic and very much sounding like Fly rebooting Silver Apples. Rounding out the grooves of this particularly dystopian themed airing some vintage woven chill from Dream Division, again another selection from their recent ultra-limited and sold out in a blink cassette ‘mosura’ – trust me, come the year end and you’ll be tired to the back teeth with us mentioning these folk. Dare we forget to mention ‘we are robot’ by Jonathon Sharp, he who is the Heartwood Institute, how we missed this is besides beyond us, is a tad troubling, we will be making enquiries of that you be rest assured, this ‘un sounding not a million miles in terms of sound culturing as the aforementioned Polymer Cities though serenely snoozed in an Isan like playfulness occupying a corner of the FortDax cosmos. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-2nd-november-2017/


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