first of two releases due early January from the esteemed Fruits de Mer sound house. An immense set from the mighty Sendelica, this one we mentioned in passing somewhere here finds Wales’ answer to Acid Mothers returning en masse to the Mwnci studios to harness the legendary mystique of the nearby ancient Cromlech. ‘the Cromlech Chronicles II’ finds these crafted purveyors of progressive psych / folk embarking upon a different musical path than previously that soundwise sees them plotting a sonic trajectory hinting of vague elements of Popol Vuh, Jethro Tull and Ariel Kalma being drawn to their vivid colourful and mammoth tapestry. A softly stirring monolith, ‘even though my mouth is silent’ is a tribute to its surrounding, the atmosphere toned with a reverential mystical heraldry, a séance perhaps drawing forth the ghostly aura of an ancient age long since past. The symphonic lines turned in a deeply lulling fog bound majesty as though woven from the very elements of nature itself, stir with a poised observing funereal grace as the strings, choral chants and wind instruments harmonise and coalesce sultrily to a lost sonic tongue to weave a deeply intoxicating and hitherto snaking aural alchemy. Immense stuff.

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