ivy meadows

I’m suspecting news of this has strayed unseen into our inbox, so while we set about rummaging around, here’s something quite beautifully lulling from those moon glyph folk. Now I’m not sure about you, but upon hearing ‘Capricorn’ by Ivy Meadows, like me, do you feel the urge to look out of the window half expecting the genteel flurry of snow and the passing of some brief celestial visitation. Just me then. Anyhow, this comes prized from a limited cassette entitled ‘Zodiac’ which for now without sight of the press release, we are thinking might well be a homely star sign soiree, this one adoringly teased in a gracefully defrosting aura of twinkling frost kissed spectral folk shimmers whose serene play and snoozing loveliness had us initially calling to mind ISAN, though when scratching a little deeper beneath the icicles reveals something cosily chimed and delicately dusted in a woodcrafted likeness of Keiron Phelan.  


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