erm and nickname

A handful of nuggets just hatching out of Brighton’s Third Kind all of which deserving of seeking out and all of whom will, hopefully, at some point, be getting our undivided attention in due course. The first of which, a rather wonderful slice of woozy rustics from a self titled set by Erm and Nickname, which if the opening track ‘fly away’ is anything to judge by, promises to be as good a way as any to wile away around 70 minutes of your life whilst simultaneously hugging your cassette player. Now unless I’m very much mistaken, there are hints of a very youthful The Earlies swoonfully seducing the grooves here on this wood crafted gem. Subtle weaves of west coast whispers radiantly emerge from the twilight mistiness forming a serene yawning folk tweaked slice of magicalia whereupon rubbing their eyes in the softly shone glint of a daybreaking sun stretch Tunng and Oddfellows Casino.

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