look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping …. transmission 46.0

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 46.0…. w/e 19/11/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….

Opening groove …..

…. now we were actually going to review this, but hey, we’d have spent the whole missive just gushing and swooning over it, indeed not everyone’s cup o’ tea is William Shatner, but around here when he covers we sit up and take notice. Here he is taking on ‘garbageman’ by the Cramps, yep you read right, ‘garbageman’ – it’s actually damn fine, look we are gushing and swooning okay, so smoke that ….. incidentally it comes pulled from a January planned release ‘Dr Demento covered in punk’ – details, tracklisting and ordering here … http://coveredinpunk.com/  … cue crucialness ….

… features …. Gammalogue, nord, ivy meadows, henry the rabbit, dream weapon ritual, erm nickname, hattie cooke, crushtrash, agnes obel, quiet village, polypores, reptoids, razz, bad daddies, gulp, godflesh, Rosen & Spyddet, klaus, vibravoid, echo train, pye corner audio, seawitches, will shatner, acdc, chloe march, adriana zanni, Christmas dragon, hocus pocus, kick of the hill, maximum rock n’ roll radio, john peel, record roulette, its trash, earache, trick or treat, rock n’ roll rampage, queen, lux and ivy, Bauhaus …..

A little something, we spotted on a recent trawl around the pages of bandcamp, this is Gammalogue with a release that by rights, had we spotted earlier, would certainly have featured in our recent Halloween special. But enough of that, the wonderfully titled ‘demonic pumpkins from outer space’ kind of says what it does on the tin. A quintet of eerily futuristic electronic occurrences indelibly inspired by 50’s sci-fi b-movies, tis all playfully woozy in a ‘Mars Attacks’ type tongue in cheek until of course you stumble upon the terrorphonic still dread of ‘devastation’ whereupon matters take an abrupt wrong turn into more darkening terrains. The temperature dropped considerably while the hairs on the back of your neck stand in dread expectation as the tonalities shift to weave a shadowy macabre much like some life sucking fog descending upon your listening space.  https://gammalogue.bandcamp.com/album/demonic-pumpkins-from-outer-space  

in sharp contrast, Gammalogue’s previous release, well worth checking out incidentally, entitled ‘initium’ is an altogether different beast, the liner notes revealing that inspiration was drawn from Tangerine Dream, Steve Moore and Sinoia Caves, which across these five tracks is much in evidence. Cosmic star gazers be they, all symphonically sculptured in an arresting array of dream weaved astral alignments, ‘bad trip on the far side of the moon’ particularly finding itself tuned into the sonic frequencies of classic era Zombi and Craig Padilla. However, for us, we suggest you navigate swiftly to the parting opus ‘upon the shores of delusion’ for what is a superbly lulling slab of mind morphing kosmische turned in a sublime silver age electronische vintage whose seductive wide screen artistry cocoons you in an orbiting trippy mosaic to recall those early musical missions by the Warm Digits with just a smidgeon of Polypores indelibly tinkering about in its Tangerine-y chassis. https://gammalogue.bandcamp.com/album/initium  

doing these musings, we’ve noted the lack of sounds featured here that emanate from Romania, and though we haven’t as yet made a conscious effort to rectify that, that said, we may in the near future. Mind you we did happily stumble over a superb set from Nord going by the name ‘Säulen der Schöpfung’. Now I don’t think I’m putting too fine a point on matters in saying that this is quite something else, perhaps it’s the poise and / or the symmetry of the symphonics as they glide, sigh and genuflect around each other that had us somewhat drawn to recall Jean Michel Jarre at times. None more so does this show itself than on the 10-minute cosmic traveller that is ‘Dunkelwolken’, an utterly breathless example of pristine craftmanship, the chemistry and expressionism beautifully melding into dream state delirium forged upon a mesmeric mutation of ambient tones, kosmische curvatures and techno trimmings whose emotional awareness and faultless flow slipstreams into terrains more readily occupied by Vangelis. Those of you preferring your sounds lushly daubed and tutored by the Berlin School of Electronics, might do well to seek out the simply sublimely mellowed and murmured ‘Sternwind’ amid its expansive palette the sweetly surrendering melancholic weave of pastorals softly anchor earthbound its star flight trajectory. https://nordmusic.bandcamp.com/album/s-ulen-der-sch-pfung-2017  

I’m suspecting news of this has strayed unseen into our inbox, so while we set about rummaging around, here’s something quite beautifully lulling from those moon glyph folk. Now I’m not sure about you, but upon hearing ‘Capricorn’ by Ivy Meadows, like me, do you feel the urge to look out of the window half expecting the genteel flurry of snow and the passing of some brief celestial visitation. Just me then. Anyhow, this comes prized from a limited cassette entitled ‘Zodiac’ which for now without sight of the press release, we are thinking might well be a homely star sign soiree, this one adoringly teased in a gracefully defrosting aura of twinkling frost kissed spectral folk shimmers whose serene play and snoozing loveliness had us initially calling to mind ISAN, though when scratching a little deeper beneath the icicles reveals something cosily chimed and delicately dusted in a woodcrafted likeness of Keiron Phelan. 


Staying with Moon Glyph a little longer, just spotted this sitting on our inbox welcome mat, from a newly peeled cassette titled ‘Abraham’s Sausage pot’ this is Henry the Rabbit with ‘conjunction day’. One of those slow to burn moments whose fragile and frail demeanour hooks immediately planting little earworm seeds in your psyche that hatch just when you least expect. Its delicately weaved softly pierced psych folk wooziness distilled of a youthful Woods vintage interspersed with what sounds like, if our ears don’t deceive, hints of a much-missed June Panic, by its fall fully blossomed and coolly coalesced into a smoking wood crafted hymnal.


Heading out of the Boring Machines stable this coming December, some crucial weird ear from duo Dream Weapon Ritual by way of a new full length going by the name ‘the uncanny little sparrows’. On the preview player, for now, as a teaser, ‘mating call’ provides for an oddly playful though somewhat sinister childhood reawakening that taps into the far side of 70’s children’s TV. Here a sparsely set clockworking symphony forming a magically macabre mosaic that ominously sits, stares and watchfully preens, making for itself a musical nest whose branch forges a linking bridge between those oddly austere animations from Eastern Europe of the day and an orphan looking to backdrop some stop motion Tim Burton toddler terror. Truly enthralling. https://boringmachines.bandcamp.com/album/dream-weapon-ritual-the-uncanny-little-sparrows  

A handful of nuggets just hatching out of Brighton’s Third Kind all of which deserving of seeking out and all of whom will, hopefully, at some point, be getting our undivided attention in due course. The first of which, a rather wonderful slice of woozy rustics from a self-titled set by Erm and Nickname, which if the opening track ‘fly away’ is anything to judge by, promises to be as good a way as any to wile away around 70 minutes of your life whilst simultaneously hugging your cassette player. Now unless I’m very much mistaken, there are hints of a very youthful The Earlies swoon fully seducing the grooves here on this wood crafted gem. Subtle weaves of west coast whispers radiantly emerge from the twilight mistiness forming a serene yawning folk tweaked slice of magicalia whereupon rubbing their eyes in the softly shone glint of a day breaking sun stretch Tunng and Oddfellows Casino. https://thirdkindrecords.bandcamp.com/album/erm-nickname  

Staying with Third Kind, we here found ourselves somewhat smitten by ‘Winter’ – a track culled from a super limited cassette by Hattie Cooke, another self-titled one I’m afraid. Don’t mind admitting that this ‘un caught us clearly on the hop, its quietly graceful psych folk intimacy ghostly weaved upon a 60’s tinged spectral aura. A fragile love note if you must and perhaps the sets most tenderly bruised moment ripped from an album that’s as varied as it is engaging for elsewhere ‘enemy’ clearly has the imagining of someone who has been listening to both Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark’s debut album and EMA’s ‘#horror’ score in tandem. While also found arresting our affections, the sepia speckled vintage of the demurring campfire glowing lovely ‘try harder’ sounds as good as anything put out by the shyly formed St Ives imprint. https://thirdkindrecords.bandcamp.com/album/hattie-cooke  

Last up for this very brief Third Kind drop in, there’s the 40 only ‘reclamation yard’ cassette by Crushtrash to turn heads, our ears finding themselves descending upon ‘souVENT’ like a rash. What first sounds like some interstellar call sign, all brooding 80’s synth swathes much loved of the VHS soundtrack cognoscenti, suddenly about turns and takes on a new dimension upon the appearance of sonorous vocals whereupon a magnetic majesty manifests which while we would ordinarily go all Scott Walker on you, had us on second listen recalling the fixed stare tones of a certain Paul Simpson of Wild Swans and Care fame.  https://thirdkindrecords.bandcamp.com/album/reclamation-yard   

Are we right in gathering that this be a new teaser track from the forthcoming Polypores full length for the esteemed polytechnic youth imprint entitled ‘the impossibility’. From the furthest outposts of the cosmic vast lands, ‘the great acceleration’ sits and watches, from its remote wilderness populated by the strangely alluring night show of dying stars, heavenly events and constellations whose vivid colouring decorates the blank canvas void, it seductively breaks and invades the dead silence with love noted transmissions. These demurring echoes shimmered and designed in a detailing informed and schooled by a mix of classic 70’s sonic engineering and 90’s cool precision twinkle to a parentage of Tangerine Dream and Future Sound of London classicism. https://soundcloud.com/polypores/the-great-acceleration  

Not quite sure where this fits in the grander scheme of things, but here’s a little treat we stumbled across by sheer accident when wandering around soundcloud. Agnes Obel’s ‘stretch your eyes’ as re-interpreted and reframed by duo Quiet Village. Slickly turned in a demurring soft lit nocturnal chic, this shadow traced slice of noir seduction comes kissed with the smoke toned spectral allure of a classic 90’s Bristol scene, its ghost like touch both enchanting and beguiling. It comes as part of Phonica’s limited ‘special edition’ outings pressed upon 12 inches of wax, essential sophisticat groove by our humble reckoning.  https://soundcloud.com/phonicarecords/sets/phonicaspeced006  

I’m guessing a busy listening time ahead for us with news of four well-heeled releases heading out of the cruelly hip Emotional Response imprint in urgent need of love and turntable adoring. First up, RAZZ – a quartet made up variously of members of the Talkies, the Pets and the Reptoids all gathering together in a conspiratorial huddle cooking up buzzing slices of acutely purred vintage school power pop that we’d be none too surprised to hear are at this very moment causing swooning fits over at the HQ of the esteemed Ugly Things publication. New set just out called ‘time frames’ has been causing all manner of hoo-hah around these here parts, not least the parting track ‘hot little hands’ which, unless our ears do deceive, and they rarely do, had us much imagining some hitherto till now, hush hush pre-punk secret studio get together featuring an all-star wigged out jam by members of Rockpile, Dr Feelgood and the Flamin’ Groovies. https://emotional-response-recs.bandcamp.com/album/time-frames  

Strangely enough the Reptoids turn up in their own right on a rather spiffing new wave / post punk sore thumb twin set that pairs together ‘kill the comma’ / ‘do the mole’. This ‘un is getting the limited seven-inch wax service, the former wonderfully skewed and austerely angular and very much turned in a wiry vintage that had us much recalling the halcyon days of punks unravelling fall out and with that, a much-needed hit up of vibes that happily call to mind classic era Wire, Buzzcocks’ b-sides, Magazine and ‘dirk’ era Adam and the Ants. Flip side is no slouch in the affection stakes, nailing down that Magazine sound with the addition shot of the Mothmen muddying the grooves, something that ought to be on the radar of those of you subscribing to the likes of the Invaderband and the Reverse Family I shouldn’t wonder.  https://emotional-response-recs.bandcamp.com/album/kill-the-comma-2

Keeping it in the family (tree), Sob Stories is headed up by Joel Cusumano who used to be in the Talkies once upon a time, members of RAZZ who feature Talkies folk – see above – often drop by for a spot of extra curricula activities filling up the line-up of Sob Stories. Debut EP entitled, strangely enough ‘Debut EP’, is littered with the debris of heartbreak and the bruising crush at the hands of loves cruel turnaround all kicked, scuffed up and sent a hurtling amid a quick stepping razor sharp sextet of buzz sawed power pop nuggets that in the main had of a mind to go rooting out our  stash of Kevin Tihista grooves along with a few well-heeled early catalogue releases from the much missed Shoeshine / Spit n Polish imprint – here I’m thinking Ben Vaugn and Michael Shelley until that is, we happened upon ‘baked Alaska’. A smokily fuzzy sensation forming gem delicately dinked in a cooling countrified drift all sweetly sighed by the arresting honey glazed swoon of woody harmonies. https://emotional-response-recs.bandcamp.com/album/debut-ep    

Last up for this Emotional Response drop in, alas no info on these folk, believe you me though, you need this in your life and sharpishly. This is ‘over 30 singles’ by bad daddies, as it says on the tin, 30 tracks that screech, shriek, scowl, scream and skewer their way through the grooves with such playful menace whilst managing at various turns to recall everything from the Slits, Delta 5 and Au Pairs right through to Babes in Toyland and pretty much anyone else you’d care to mention with most tracks here barely managing to pass the one minute ticker tape yet each serving you a slap along the way. In truth we here are absolutely spoilt for choice, prime cuts though, were we forced to choose, we’d say the demented threat call that is ‘neighbourhood watch’ might be as good a place any to start, in short, a speed freaking blister kissed hardcore bad ass quickly followed in searing hot pursuit by the festering ‘you ain’t right’ which just pummels you into the wall with its sheer ferocity. All said, we here are more than a tad smitten with ‘nots flatten the earth’ with its lysergic colouring and adorably trippy kaleidoscopic day-glo daubings, had me instantly calling to mind those impish sorts the Lovely Eggs. https://emotional-response-recs.bandcamp.com/album/over-30-singles-2   

Sepia tweaked kaleidoscopically eye swirling visuals accompanying the latest cosmic love note from those nice folk Gulp. This be the much adored ‘morning velvet sky’ – a classically turned Moroder-esque motorik mirror ball with added hints of Goldfrapp and Jane Weaver seductively spiralling amid its star system. New album looming, point of contact sometimes 2018.

Further reading ……



ah … Godflesh, a one-time firm favourite around our gaff especially when their ear wares reared up amid the sea of sincere guitar twiddling folk being paraded on the nightly taste making John Peel wing ding, usually provoking the eldest, as a wee toddler, to flail and fling herself across the kitchen in what to us, was a tremendous manic punk slam dance, yet viewed by a casual observer might be taken for a re-enactment of the Exorcism albeit without the sick, swearing and blasphemy. Between you and me, she was always more a Nepalm Death and Atari Teenage Riot fan until the fateful day the Spice Girls called. Anyhow back to Godflesh, new album just out or about to wreak havoc, it be called ‘post self’ and this here is the title track, is it just me that thinks that this has something of the Killing Joke ’82 vintage about it, in which case throw in trace elements of 1919 and stir the apocalyptic cauldron with some seriously brooding industrial angst and oodles of ice cold despair and voila, stoner disharmony and disquiet at its most potent and pain stricken 

Something we tripped upon via you tube, this is Rosen & Spyddet with ‘Datter Af Kain’ a track culled from a limited issue cassette entitled ‘fantasia’ for the janushoved imprint, something I fear we have missed with great disappointment, because this really is a wonderful cut much deserving of your time and love. Perhaps its because of the way it mixes and fuses the old with the new, the Gregorian choral tones sumptuously bleeding into the trip hop down tempo tonalities or maybe the way its glacial phrasing is bathed in a radiant warmth, everything here, on paper at least shouldn’t by rights work, but given the spectral craft it makes for a 5 minute visitation that ushers in a most beguiling moment of adoring wow. 

Another slow to defrost gem found on a recent you tube wander, Klaus’ ‘cry tuff’ for the Tanum imprint heads up a three track 12 inch that’s no doubt admittedly been pricking the ears of the minimalist electronica cognoscenti since arriving on the stands sometime July. Occupying a deeply insular environ, this one as said takes a wee while to catch light, its intricate multi texturing, radiantly pulsating like a glowing lone star sending forth demurring though nevertheless, melancholic  murmurs into the darkening cosmic void lands.

Incoming on stoned karma, new head shrooming groove from those psychedelic alchemists Vibravoid, this ‘un titled ‘Om Gang Ganpataye Namah’ is culled from their aptly titled flip wigging arabesque astral ‘mushroom mantras’, all seductively swooned in sitar soirees and dreamily drizzled in all manner of lysergic dissipates, if I didn’t know better I’d say these dudes have been taking a collective leaf from the woozy back catalogues of both Baby Woodrose and Dungen.

…. and staying with Vibravoid a little while longer, they also feature on a spiffing two track 7 inch split – available in variants of green and black black wax – which you can find falling out of the latest issue of Timemazine, reviews of which will be in hot pursuit next missive out. Anyhow the single feature a track apiece from both Vibravoid and the quite amazing Echo Train – mentioned in passing in a little more detail somewhere here …. https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/11/04/vibravoid-echotrain/

Heading out just ahead of the festive rush next month, a limited 12 inch from Spanish imprint Lapsus finds them visited upon by Pye Corner Audio for what promises to be a four track smoker with the press gubbins hinting of a plentiful bounty of emotive techno and a cinematic melancholia that nods to Carpenter and Derbyshire. The set pressed on limited quantities of transparent turquoise wax is currently being heralded by a sneak preview of opening salvo ‘resist’. Its locked groove fixed stare all a glow and pulsating, like some deeply alluring and mesmeric mind probing hailing frequency emitting from some hitherto unlocated cool cut techno death star. It’s a typical and most enviable trait of Mr Jenkins, that he makes it all sound so simple and seamless in the procuring of such a multi layered wide screen palette with the merest of minimalist applications. http://www.lapsusrecords.cat/  

Why am I getting an urge to dig out precious groove by the much missed Rubicks, maybe even Kaputt and the Clerks now that I come to think of it. Might it be the way this softly purred motorik mirror ball floats amorphously into the kind of terrains whose dream draped cosmic visitation has the imagining of Jane Weaver retooling Moroder / Summer’s epic 70’s discoid moments only here, interspersed with a subtle post punk bite and a super funky clubland adoring underpin replete with the stratospheric tasting of a cruise controlling Eat Lights Become Lights. Just me then. Anyhow this is SeaWitches’ attempt at sneaking new nuggets beneath our radar without so much as a nudge, note or nod, it be called ‘no answers’. https://seawitches.bandcamp.com/   

Stuff …..

… your regular prime cut dose of crucial garage groove …..













john peel corner …..

Trance pod ….


Queen …. Aside ‘sheer heart attack’ and ‘jazz’, ‘news of the world’ was always our favourite Queen album, now getting the expanded 40th anniversary treatment ……

An interactive map of every record shop in the world …….


Bauhaus bounty ….


…. er as we are with Bauhaus we’ll sling this in ….. ‘third uncle’ ….

Lux and Ivy on the Kid Jensen show in ’84 talking records ….

There may come a time when upon encountering new groove from Chloe March, descriptions such as enchanting and beguiling might prove superfluous, not on this occasion though. A new album, ‘blood red spark’ incoming on the adored Hidden Shoal, from off which ‘let it all in’ has been sent as a herald. A dream like visitation caressed in a twinkling neo classical torch toned wooziness, its delicate folk framing genteelly hushed and seductively surrendered in an evensong intimacy all lost in a moment of reflection. For here an ethereal whispering and the poetic dance of demurred expressionism and ghost lit tenderness forge a quietly alluring waltz whose forlorn crush sighs amid the glow of noir breezed dissipates. And while the press release might rightly point that its beautified and amorphous craft owes to the other worldly spectral reach of both David Sylvian and C Duncan, we here however, are much minded of an unusually vulnerable Jane Weaver sweetly shimmering in the grooves. https://soundcloud.com/hidden_shoal/chloe-march-let-it-all-in  

Disorientating, disconnected and somewhat distant, three descriptors that mightn’t, on initial reading, warm the heart towards ‘Disappearing’, the latest opus from sound alchemist Adriano Zanni. Tense and brooding though not for the usually obvious reasons that lurks on other releases so described, for here a dream like stasis is woven, a collective hive mind forged upon an amorphous sonic skin, at once shape shifting, fluid and hitherto, evolving from a fixed point stare to form a conversation within the realms of your deepest consciousness.

Both insular and intimate, this is not pop, there are no verse chorus verse mimicking to hook upon, utilising both analogue and digital sources interspersed with field recordings, Zanni creates a personal connection / space, depending on both mood and environment, each forty minute sitting in the company of ‘disappearing’ creates a uniquely sculptured playroom for the mind’s eye to wander, no two experiences are the same, it’s as though it intuitively senses you.

That’s not to say, a degree of acclimitisation is required of the listener, for on initial listens, ‘Disappearing’ might well appear darkly chilled, somberly stilled and somewhat alien, to this end it has the disturbing effect of constantly shifting focus to put you on the back foot, the sonic snapshots or rather more, aural polaroids, forming a disconnecting and somewhat incomplete picture whose missing pieces / parts are for you to complete in your own imagination.  

As said, the setting is minimalist and abstract, not so much left field but more out and beyond, these five sonic segments exist in an airless state, perhaps moments frozen in time expanded and magnified , the messages confused, overlapping and disorientating, their blurring effects eerily akin to those in dream or one of those instruction tapes to aid relaxation (see ‘dreams and falling trees’) only rather than lulled by the sound of the genteel ebb and flow of oceanic sprays or celestial unworldliness, this ones common denominator are the sounds of footsteps, disembodied whispers both crystal clear and backward looped (as on ‘what is left’ whereupon to a hypno grooved binary pulse a sense of subliminal conditioning is afoot) and creaking swings, at least I hope it’s creaking swings.

‘disappearing’ is ultimately about escape (finding that safe place and personal space) and the relative inconsequence of man when seen backdropped by life and creations bigger picture, an escape from the commercial machine, social presets and the eye of society that all see fit to control our life and limit our choice by a series of teachings from a young age whose aim is to keep us subservient and needy. In short, a longing for the inner spirit to be free. It’s sense of drifting and losing itself embodied perfectly by the textured collages, themselves made up of bowed frequencies and microlite pulsars that collectively conspire to carve an isolationist atmosphere. The detailing is intricate and measured, the effect both mesmeric, distant and yet turned with an insular and inward aspect. Perhaps the most disquieting moment throughout, ‘about the end, without beginning’ garners a shadowy industrial aura to its persona, amid the ice cooled emotionless swathes of mind focusing shimmering orb cycles, a message of dissent utters, a seed dropped in to the sleeping subconscious revealing the lie of the machine.

Contact resources….

Email – marklosingtoday@gmail.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thesundayexperience

Word press – marklosingtoday.wordpress.com

Twitter – @marklosingtoday

Physical – 46 Webster Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JF, UK


End groove ….

Malcolm Young RIP …. back in the day, this one was forever on the dansette, almost turned me into a metal head


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