doc looksharp

L♥XP⥌⥌ feature among their number a certain Luca Collivasone who on occasion masquerades beneath the nom de plume Doc Looksharp who when everyone else has left the studio, alone and under the cover of darkness, crafts sinister symphonies that come alive at witching hour, these weird ear sore thumbs inhabit the outer spheres of the electro minimalist consciousness. ‘tongues pong’ gathers together an eerily dislocating selection of such strange sounds, his second album following 2015’s quietly acclaimed ‘cacophonator’. From that set, ‘ghast larva’ has been sent ahead on scouting detail. Much like something you’d have expected to be the source of some lively conversational debate between the much missed mixing it’s celebrated radio 3 hosts Sandell and Russell back in the day, ‘ghast larva’ squirrels and squirms into life, like a cartoonish stop motion animation portraying some surreal looking creation pressed into existence by the slow unfurl of brush stroked detailing, likewise here, the starting point is very sparse all the time gathering and sharpening into both form and clarity, swiftly shape shifting using Louis and Bebe Barron as an anchor point whilst veering between polite nods to Muslim Gauze and Kreidler.  

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