Time to reach for the handkerchief’s folks for this is the very last Fortuna Pop release ever. Fulfilling contractual obligations brought to bear by the labels Singles Club promise, its last instalment a tearaway twinset from the spikily cool Martha who here turn in ‘The Winter Fuel Allowance Ineligibility Blues’ and a nifty little cover of Marked Men’s ‘fix my brain’ – a track that’s exclusive to this parting FP farewell. Now I’m not sure about you, but the gusto displayed on this strum dunking duo of dandies, had us half a mind to go off in search of those much prized early outings by the Mega City 4 and more obviously, the Senseless Things, the former a scowling anthem from the streets, a love song wrapped around a f*** you two fingered salute against this Government’s uncaring and despairing austerity drive, the latter a whiplash inducing 100mph pogo ploughing three chord romp replete with some of the finest chugging riffs outside of a Wedding Present rehearsal room. Alas no links just yet, safe to say us being the cute sorts that we are have managed to unearth this here bandcamp page, with hush now, links.


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