memories of Giallo

unbelievably you’ll find this available on a ‘name your price’ deal and mark my words you’d be a fool for passing up the opportunity because in our much humbled opinion, this collection is a bit of a corker. Through French imprint Synthspiria this is the ten track gathering known as ‘memories of Giallo’. Even before hearing a single note, the more astute of you might well have figured where this is going, clues being the title and the latter half of the label name hint strongly of a fondness for all things 70’s Goblin. And you’d be right, for here ten invited ensembles / musicians gather to pay homage to the Italo film genre perfected in notoriety during the 70’s by the likes of Fulci and Argento and equally by soundtracks composed by such noted luminaries as Morricone, Frizzi and of course, the aforementioned Goblin. Alas time not being on our hands necessitates the need to cherry pick this excellent compilation, first of which catching our lobes being ‘Notte Di Violenza’ by Dakarius whose vintage symphonic macabre freewheels into terrains much adored and populated by the likes of the Unseen, the Heartwood Institute, Dream Division and pretty much any number of happening sounds emanating out of the esteemed Burning Witches imprint. ‘Veterinight’ on the other hand, by G-Dog and found here featuring Vincenzo Salvia is cooled in a distractively demurring shadow lined seduction that’s clipped in a classicist nocturnal sophistication that in truth sounds to these ears, like something those folk over at Finders Keepers might unearth from vault digs sourced from behind, the as were, iron curtain. Admirers of Pye Corner Audio’s more expansive kosmische palette will do well to take note of Alpha 88’s quite blissfully dreamy and cinematically toned ‘Promesse Violate’. All said for this teasingly brief visit, favourite moment is Leslie Nayoko’s ‘No One Left’ which aside forging an eerie kinship with Art of the Memory Palace’s soundtrack for Horror Sounds earlier this year, is pitted and framed with such paranoia that you can feel it scratching its way out of the grooves.

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