jeffrey siedler

Been a fair old while since we had cause to hang out the bunting in celebration of new happenings from the Buried Treasure folk, yet word has it a very special limited DVD release is being prepped for release after the shenanigans of the coming silly season are but a distant memory and winter’s last icy fling before Spring moves in take their brutal bite. ‘logic formations’ by Jeffrey Siedler features over 2 hours of ‘vintage 70’s styled graphics and modular atmospherics inspired by the EMS Spectron video synthesiser along with 10 original compositions that sublimely pay homage to the strange and spacy futuristic signatures of the day. There’s a teaser video to the foot of this mention, yet we strongly suggest that you assemble yourselves in an orderly line post haste to the labels bandcamp page whereupon you’ll find the album on preview, it’s here that we heartily recommend you take your ears to ‘Neuro-Trend Arcadia’. Ushering in distant memories of nights hugged up to the stereophonic player listening to Breezeblock sets cobbled together by the likes of FSOL, Plaid and Death in Vegas and sounding like one of those mysteriously unlisted and unknown white label one off’s oft coming the way of the Peelie one back in the 90’s, this ‘un seductive steps between the time lines managing to sound both ghostified and retro – the locomotive pulsars – very Raymond Scott and yet, curiously at the same seemingly composing soundtracks for futures to come with its lilting lunar cascades. That said, those still sitting on the fence or else still peeling their tongue from the floor might be well advised to likewise sample the delights of the title track itself, a playfully gloopy nursery room infantry of toybox contents on an impish marching parade after lights out, wonderfully sinister and hypnotically glitch groovy, another nod to that Raymond Scott dude methinks, though found here hiding in Delia’s magic Maida Vale musical cupboard.

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