Equally head turning and tasty, new happenings from chikissecrets. Again, on limited cassette issue, ‘new seasons’ came to be when Galina Ozeran lost her voice whilst on tour in Finland, a deeply concerning time that caused her to rethink and refocus her musical craft. We here are truly smitten by the strangely alluring ‘heaven is within us’, wrapped gently in an insular intimacy, its intricate noir framing unfurls with a disquieting beauty that’s almost ghost like in effect, its chamber tonalities and down tempo yearns fixed with an airless floatiness that assumes something of an apparition like aura, it’s something that very much calls to mind Soft Bodies’ Jodie Lowther as were in dream draped musical cahoots Heather Duby. ‘baby, bye’ is no slouch in the affection stakes, a cosmic navigator of sorts, more so a starry spectral love note transmitting from forgotten solar outposts caressed and kissed in ethereal celestial whispers, very much one for the Jane Weaver admirers among you.

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