filthy huns

Been an absolute age since we featured anything heading out of the Not Not Fun imprint, herewith then two tasty treats from their imminent release schedule. First up, from Filthy Huns this is ‘Magick Tea’ a track culled from a limited cassette outing called ‘forever beast’ and something arriving highly recommended by our dear friend Cyprianos over at ‘the unquiet meadow’. In short, you are advised to strap yourselves in for this is a six and a half minute parched psych blues astral trip venturing deep into your inner subconscious, a truly head expanding experience whereupon mystical mantras dissolve and dissipate into shrooming swirls of dust dry mind morphing flotillas. It’s all pretty freaky and floaty not to mention absolutely bonged out, the hypno grooving weaves shimmering and snaking to some hitherto forgotten sonic tongue extrapolated from forgotten Spacemen 3 mosaics.

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