Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping… Transmission 47.0….

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 47.0…. w/e 26/11/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….

Opening groove …..

…. can’t beat a spot of Freddie …. his finest moment … discuss amongst yourselves …

… featuring … the pink diamond revue, the king gizzard and lizard wizard, queen, the bordellos, impatv, fallope and the tubes, synthtreader with lauren bolger, Ecka Mordecai with Sam Weaver, aja, tara king th, pulselovers, autumn, schizo fun addict, moloko+, ouza bazooka, dubi dolczek, Edward penfold, pull the plug, iss, own brand, striped bananas, ty segall, the mallorys, loveexpress, doc looksharp, david Cassidy, martha, pulp, kiss kiss bang bang, its trash, big enchilada, retro obscura, record roulette, earache, house of wild delights, tape op, james green, the copper sounds, the flamingos, pon pon, john peel, voyager interstellar record, john 3:16, phillip Stephen allen, diane marie kloba, cloud waste and the calf, cult of the psychic fetus, g-dog, Dakarius, alpha 88, Adriano Zanni, jeffrey seidler, rodney bewes …

Here’s super cool dudes the pink diamond revue strutting their stuff at a recent live appearance at the legendary Water Rats, think Paul Simenon meets Stiv Bators steppin’ from out of a ‘pulp fiction’ set. Nuff said.

Opening track from the free to download and distribute as you please full length from King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. This be the frankly colossal 11-minute head tripper and beardy ‘crumbling castle’, something which, had we not known better, would have thought had somehow shimmied its way from an as yet to be discovered and appraised late 60’s underground scene whereupon a primitive sound fusion was afoot, stirring together a most potent shape shifting alchemy. Primarily tempered in newly found essences of progressive stoner fashioned upon psychedelic mantras sourced from the Far East, here a most alluring and intricate weaving of mystical folk tongues and cosmic conversations are wired into an expansive mind melting mosaic that draws deep from the well of the 60’s more outsider, ahead of the curve and bonged out happenings.

The album called ‘Polygondwanaland’ is, as said previously, available to download and freely distribute by labels whether on binyl, CD or cassette, downloads both formatted in mp3 and WAV can be accessed here  http://kinggizzardandthelizardwizard.com/ – several labels have expressed interest with Static Caravan looking as though they are going to pip all with copies promised for despatch later in the week, incidentally need to be in today, there are only 20 being pressed, all lathe cut by the 345RPM guys and all sumptuously housed in pasted sleeves replete with inserts and stuff. Feral Child are similarly planning to release 20 copies shortly, again lathe cuts.

A quick note from Brian of the Bordellos warning us that the Bordellos’ Christmas collection is officially out and available for free download or a wee contribution if indeed you are feeling a tad warmed by the festive spirit. Christmas started around here the minute the Easter eggs had been unwrapped and eaten, not that you’d notice none of the spirit, unless of course, it came in a bottle with a 40% proof warning. Ordinarily I love Christmas, well the true meaning of it, not I’m minded to say, the commercialist nonsense that’s seemingly blunted the message over the passing years a fact rammed home yesterday on a wander around the shopping centre whereupon I was greeted to ‘now that’s what I call Christmas’ on a loop and miserable looking shop assistants dressed like elves wearing Santa hats. It’s still NOVEMBER. I’m not depressing you am I in which case we’ll pass you over to the Bordellos, whose fault it is this rant began, escalated and at present has us gnashing teeth with humbug fury. ‘the Bordellos do Christmas’ is just that, the curmudgeon ones assembled and serving, and at times, souring the seasonal cheer with six shots of cold frosty realism, the tracks drawn from various Small Bear releases and radio sessions over the years, most if not all we’ve a feeling we’ve mentioned variously in passing. Anyhow this will be featuring in our Christmas missive, due to land on Christmas Eve, I shouldn’t wonder it’ll be making occasional appearances before then in which case we’ll start the snow ball a rolling with perhaps the sets best moment. Mentioned with much adoring fondness last year here  https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2016/11/25/the-bordellos-30/ – now there’s always an air of dysfunctional lo-fi dishevelment gouging the mischievous grooves of Bordellos fayre, reviews here as a result, often attract the descriptor sore thumb, yet when they knuckle down, they’ve an impish want for throwing in the occasional curve ball that upon hearing has you teetering on the back foot and into the bargain justifies our long held belief that these folk are the nation’s saving grace. Case in point ‘window shopping in the Apple boutique’ – by our reckoning up there with the Pogues perennial favourite, there’s no tinsel trim here and neither will you find the usual sentimental waffle that’s made Christmas listening these recent years such a painful un-treat, instead the cold harsh reality of the forgotten, the unloved and neglected seen stirring from the outside, a Dickensian postcard made painfully real by a society favouring greed, gluttony and selfishness over caring and sharing. Sounds very Fall as it happens. Sermon over. https://bordellos.bandcamp.com/album/the-bordellos-do-christmas  

Stuff ….

… been a while since we paid a visit upon IMPA TV ….. here’s a few well-heeled selections from their roving recordings …..

… first up the quite joyful experience that is Fallope and the Tubes …..

…. next up the quite eerie though strangely dreamy Svnthtreader ft. Lauren Bolger …..

… which by rights ought to have warmed you up for the visitation that is Aja … truly out there is all we are going to say ….

…. last up for this brief visit … perhaps all said our favourite of the quartet, this is Ecka Mordecai with Sam Weaver, quite something else …..

New happenings from the adored Moon Glyph sound house, this time a long overdue return visit by Tara King th. with ‘stellar fantasies’. As ever, a strictly limited cassette pressing from off which has been sent ahead on scouting duties ‘stellar journey’. Something of a rarefied vintage phrased gem that ought to be on the radar of folk preferring their sounds somewhat straying into terrains occupied by, say Lake Ruth and the Tomorrow Syndicate, while similarly courting an acutely cooling kosmische classicism that imagines a very youthful Soundcarriers retuning Broadcast’s shadowy palette of silver age 60’s space pop and imagined futuristic TV soundtracks.

Away from assembling handsome headphonic delights for his ‘you the night and the music’ show – fear not our eye off the ball has been duly noted too much distress, Mat Handley can be found lurking in the shadows of various basements, cellars and undisclosed hidey holes crafting cosmic symphonies such as this one, which came our way via a slightly concerning note whose opening greeting read thus – ‘you may (or may not!) be interested in this…. a bit more experimental than what I would normally put out there as Pulselovers’. Unbeknownst to him, we’ve had this wired up to everyone’s satellite dish and much like a scene from a late 70’s ‘Quatermass’ story, have been directing the sounds on an epically grand footing skywards so that its looping tonalities have been reverberating across the cosmic divides like some hitherto galactic SOS call sign. This is minimalism scored on a maximum scale, almost hymnal in its serene reverence – anybody noticed the church bell like resonances, certainly leviathan like as it mesmerically murmurs sedating all with its hypnotic purring, in short, a distant cousin of Sonic Boom and Sunray’s ‘dreammachine’ collaboration from a few years ago with the stature and stateliness of say, ‘2001 a space odyssey’ thrown in for good measure. Anyhow it be called ‘noise from under the house’.

New groove from Autumn of whom I’m a tad mystified to discover, haven’t as yet, as far as I recall at least, had cause to trouble these pages thus far. ‘the fall’ flirts around the same shadowlands where lurk Tulipomania, very much tuning into the hatefully termed ‘goth’ scene of the early 80’s, we always preferred the tag positive punk but that’s another story. Freefalling into the brutally beautiful terrains where once March Violets dwelled, ‘the fall’ is emotionally crushed and cooled in a simmering turbulence that ripples, bites and scowls whilst trapped by its own despairing psychosis. Same track is opened by a superb retread by William Faith called ‘broken rmx’ which amid a chill toned electro flashing descends a club land smoker whose seduction nods to Noblesse Oblige. That said, it’s ‘before and after’ – in the old days what would have been duly described as the flip cut that caught us blindside, its delicately alluring crystalline threading ghost lit in a sensitivity and intimacy that’s tenderly bruised to recall the much missed Ex Post Facto.  https://autumn-us.bandcamp.com/album/the-fall-single

Just a very brief reminder that this is currently airing on soundcloud, Schizo Fun Addict’s simply immaculate ‘the Sun Yard’ – originally released Christmas Day 2013 and blessed with a super limited 100 only CD pressing via Fruits de Mer the following year, the album has been taken out of safe storage in celebration of Fruit de Mer’s 10th anniversary whereupon its been pressed up on variously limited edition slabs of vinyl – see further readings for more info or visit http://www.fruitsdemerrecords.com/index.html  


 further reading …..


three smokers from the Stolen Body folk …..

… first up Dubi Dolczek with another track taken from his recently released ‘Dubi In Space Part 1: The Emerald Gauntlet’ – this one’s called ‘only human’ – a wonderfully woozy n’ wonky slice of floaty cosmic tropicalia, very trippy and laid back, bit like a bonged out Superimposers cooking up strangely alluring soft centred lunar gospels, is that the sadly underused theremin we hear opining in the back ground, tis all stupidly infectious if a little frazzled and wayward.

Next up the wigged out sounds of Ouzo Bazooka with ‘Yolar’ a track culled from a January pencilled EP set called ‘songs from 1001 nights’ – now this snake charming gem starts out initially sounding like the intro to some forgotten Gerry Anderson 60’s TV show before going all trippy and fringe flipping, daubing the listening space in all manner of Marrakesh mosaics. All this interspersed by a brief break in intermission whereupon all the mind arranging mysticism suddenly gives over to some neatly noodled Dale / Wray like twang before going all bonged out and sounding much like something dropped from one of those killer vault digging compilations of rare near lost Turkish psych outs.

Of course Edward Penfold should need no introduction here. Pulled from his imminent ‘denny isle drive’ full length, this is the demurring pop classicism that is ‘garden fresh’, here he swaps his usually uncanny Barrett-esque whimsy for the daydreamy drift of something lullingly drizzled in a reclining watching the world genteely float by vibing and dusted in a caressing sweet melancholia, references here being the Brigadier, the Heart Strings and most obvious of all, Oddfellows Casino. All very much utterly adorable.


Ah … another transmission from the Pull the Plug folk, this ‘un leaves the kosmische flavouring of previous broadcasts aside in favour of a more acutely scuzzy listening soiree, starts out with the scuffed up n’ close n’ personal ISS with the brazenly pogoing ‘part time all the time’ before shifting through the gears with some nifty new wave futurism courtesy Kill Pussy Kill who I must say sound, on the evidence of this at least, like the naughty cousins of a youthful B-52’s. Currently cobbling notes of affection which once we’ve completed this little mention, will be directed the way of the Bomber Jackets whose ‘death of a bargain hunter’ has had us a tad smitten not least for the way the deadpan almost nonchalant vocals rub testingly atop a delightfully fidgeting and funky underpin, the overall effect spilling forth a very early 80’s variant of Cabaret Voltaire with a side serving of Decoration. Next up some sitar-y swirly psychy wooziness from the Striped Bananas with ‘swirling colours in my mind’ – damn these dudes know their way around Chocolate Watchband sounds, then some Ty Segall, who by rights, if we manage to stumble across a recently sent email from their press folk, will be featuring – hopefully – a little later in his own right, this one a bit more mellower than we’re used to, Buffalo Springfield anyone. Then it’s off to the show stealer ‘it’s only raining right where you’re sounding’ by Drugdealer, a head tripping lazy eyed lolloper that manages to squeeze every conceivable Beatles trope into its beautifully mushrooming mosaic leading matters to the end groove with Own Brand, which for those previously unaware is Midwich Youth Club man Mr Murphy serving up some nifty toe tapping Edmunds / Lowe / Motors new wave-y grooviness with the ridiculously addictive ‘coach to nowhere’. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-16th-november-2017/   

Oh my, how we are adoring this, its happy sad chirpy jangle toning very much lifting the years and having us back hugging the hi-fi with the latest sounds from Sarah cooing and crushing the listening space, here I’m thinking Another Sunny Day primarily. But scratch a little deeper and amid the faux Morrissey crooning and the swiftly strummed Weddoes rainy afternoon soirees, our hearts are waylaid and taken a siege by the sweet melancholic humdrum familiarity of the very much missed Hey Paulette. By the Mallorys, this is ‘Anna the Librarian’ a track culled from a very limited self titled cassette release, essential by our reckoning but don’t crack on to the others.


Culled from their recently released and frankly must have ‘Stars’ full length for the Italian imprint Furry Heart, here’s L♥XP⥌⥌ with the albums title track, a mutoid orphan from the early 80’s cross weaving elements of kosmische, space, no wave, art wave, new wave and future wave into a humungous becoming brew of locked groove subliminal funkiness.

L♥XP⥌⥌ feature among their number a certain Luca Collivasone who on occasion masquerades beneath the nom de plume Doc Looksharp who when everyone else has left the studio, alone and under the cover of darkness, crafts sinister symphonies that come alive at witching hour, these weird ear sore thumbs inhabit the outer spheres of the electro minimalist consciousness. ‘tongues pong’ gathers together an eerily dislocating selection of such strange sounds, his second album following 2015’s quietly acclaimed ‘cacophonator’. From that set, ‘ghast larva’ has been sent ahead on scouting detail. Much like something you’d have expected to be the source of some lively conversational debate between the much missed mixing it’s celebrated radio 3 hosts Sandell and Russell back in the day, ‘ghast larva’ squirrels and squirms into life, like a cartoonish stop motion animation portraying some surreal looking creation pressed into existence by the slow unfurl of brush stroked detailing, likewise here, the starting point is very sparse all the time gathering and sharpening into both form and clarity, swiftly shape shifting using Louis and Bebe Barron as an anchor point whilst veering between polite nods to Muslim Gauze and Kreidler. 

Time to reach for the handkerchief’s folks for this is the very last Fortuna Pop release ever. Fulfilling contractual obligations brought to bear by the labels Singles Club promise, its last instalment a tearaway twinset from the spikily cool Martha who here turn in ‘The Winter Fuel Allowance Ineligibility Blues’ and a nifty little cover of Marked Men’s ‘fix my brain’ – a track that’s exclusive to this parting FP farewell. Now I’m not sure about you, but the gusto displayed on this strum dunking duo of dandies, had us half a mind to go off in search of those much prized early outings by the Mega City 4 and more obviously, the Senseless Things, the former a scowling anthem from the streets, a love song wrapped around a f*** you two fingered salute against this Government’s uncaring and despairing austerity drive, the latter a whiplash inducing 100mph pogo ploughing three chord romp replete with some of the finest chugging riffs outside of a Wedding Present rehearsal room. Alas no links just yet, safe to say us being the cute sorts that we are have managed to unearth this here bandcamp page, with hush now, links.  https://marthadiy.bandcamp.com/album/the-winter-fuel-allowance-ineligibility-blues

stuff ….

here’s a superb rendition of Pulp’s ‘common people’ by a local community choir in celebration of Radio Sheffield’s 50th anniversary …









new Tape Op magazine for download ……


a short video of James Green talking about linocutting ….

Did we mention IMPATV already, or was that last missive out, can’t keep up with it, these musings are all blurring into one. Anyhow here’s more regardless …. This be Copper Sounds – enjoy ….

…and here’s Pon Pon who really must send records based on the evidence of this….

Peel corner – not sure whether we’ve previously featured this one, this ‘un features Alternative TV in session…..and a curtain closing stunner from the Flamingos which you’ll find looming large straight after this ….

… the Flamingos – quite stunning …..

Voyager Interstellar Record, the most important document / artefact created by man. Discuss. In 1977, NASA sent into space, Voyager’s I and II. Upon these feats of technological engineering, a blueprint pressed upon a golden disc containing all that was man. From his genetic make-up, his creativity and achievements both in the sciences and the arts to the planet he lived on and the animals he shared his environment with, all this information was intricately coded upon this disc with instructions on how to access. The aim, or rather more the hope, was that this artefact would be intercepted by beings / lifeforms / civilisations located far across the galaxy – a galactic handshake if you like and a mark of our existence in the grander scheme of things. That such a civilisation might reach out the hand of friendship whilst presiding over wars against its fellow men, harvesting those animals for its own consumption and sentencing the planet to a slow death brought to bear by pollution and the destruction of its natural assets, might well cause some to wonder what our new-found friends would think of us if they knew our true worth, but then that’s a discussion for another time. Sent into the beyond, Voyager’s I and II’s primary mission was / is to meet and greet whilst seeking answers to man’s greatest question – are we really alone. It’s that thirst for knowledge and to communicate, that has driven mankind, the desire to understand, learn and hope. Included in this blueprint, the sounds of Earth, from greetings in many languages to whale songs and bird chatter and of course, music – from Bach to Berry, sounds sourced from every corner of the globe. To mark, and indeed celebrate, the 40th anniversary of this historical event, a kickstarter campaign began last year, the aim to reproduce these recordings on vinyl. Successful subscribers received numbered sets as a result. Now Ozma records has seen fit to extend this opportunity to own these most precious testaments to mankind by producing a six-sided vinyl box set and a double CD, each set will come adorned with a book, prints, skip mats and download cards – it all looks immaculate. The release is due for February action.

For more information go to …. http://www.ozmarecords.com/voyager

Sound cloud excerpts …   https://soundcloud.com/user-482195982/voyager-golden-record-sampler-1  

preview video teaser …

<p><a href=”https://vimeo.com/183589265″>The Voyager Golden Record: 40th Anniversary Edition</a> from <a href=”https://vimeo.com/user56896375″>Ozma Records</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p> 

There’s a detailed write up about this lot and how they came to find themselves in Fruits de Mer’s orbit somewhere here – http://www.fruitsdemerrecords.com/moloko2.html  – we refer of course to Moloko+, one of many ensembles favourably touted for greatness back in the day, that’ll be sometime early 90’s. indeed we’ve already mentioned this particular release at https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/11/11/moloko-2/ so it just needs us to pass on our thanks to Keith FdM for sending over promos yesterday. The release in question is a slice of two track tastiness pairing together ‘bite the hand’ and ‘I wonder’. A loosely joint release by FdM in cahoots with Newcastle’s Eggs in Aspic, the latter who’ll be releasing the single on strictly limited cassette, which last time we checked were near sold out, the former also on restricted availability, pressed up on lathe wax and a members only treat, names from out of the hat so on and so forth. Both variations sure to be the cause of feeding frenzies on the online auction sites if their last outing for FdM is anything to judge by.

Here’s some recently unearthed session footage from the band, well classy …..

Staying with Fruits de Mer, you don’t need telling you folk that next year marks the 10th anniversary of the labels first release, Schizo Fun Addict was the band immortalised for all time, opening the imprints enviable catalogue with ‘theme one’. It continued the bands association with Keith and Andy, Andy had ran Bracken records, the godfather of FdM, releasing two singles, one in their own right and a split pairing with the boy from space. To mark the landmark 10th anniversary, Schizo Fun Addict’s ‘the Sun Yard’ set from 2013 is getting a very limited first time pressing on vinyl, believe you me it looks spiffing, four different variants all being made available variously as members only gifts also available at the labels 10th anniversary bash at Glasters, no not that one, but a local down the road and as prizes for winners of fiendish competitions. Anyhow we mentioned it all here –  https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/10/21/schizo-fun-addict-8/  

In addition to this, Dave Thompson has been feverishly scribbling together a book celebrating the label called ‘the incomplete angler – 10 years of Fruits de Mer’ – due to land around May time next year. Those of the more keen eyed among you might well have noticed a little activity on the labels releases page – with news of ‘goldfish’ being teasingly leaked – again on vinyl but no news yet on tracklisting etc… safe to say a specially cooked up 10th Anniversary recipe by the FdMthemselves. Elsewhere there’s news of Ilona V and Permanent Clear Light happenings inbound April time while for the present new releases by Sendelica and the Pretty Things are expected to appear after the silly season – the former getting an eye watering space filling box treatment.

Further reading …



another superb release, again available on one of those pay what you like options, is ‘winter solstice’. A various artist collection assembled for your discerning ear by Manchester folk Vanguardista records. As ever just a brief peek on this occasion to get your listening appetite a whetted for here an eleven strong gathering settles to pay celebration to this natural midwinter spectacle. Sprayed with musical gems, mostly from artists who for whatever reason have, thus far, managed to escape our usually well-heeled and ever observant radar. You can expect a more detailed reading of this collection to appear in our extended Christmas missive next month, for now let us take you gently by the hand to sample some of the delights within, starting our account with opener ‘garden of trees’ by Phillip Stephen Allen, whose measured melodic poetry found here, is arrested in a quietly alluring and silently joyful turn of phrasing that delicately conveys hints of Sakamoto amid its free spirited and frost tipped emotional yearn. Must admit, we here are quite adoring of Diane Marie Kloba’s slyly snaking ‘he lights up’ its fraying slacker-esque turning emitting a subtle sinister shadow to the proceedings that curiously hits something of a Television-esque grooving. Elsewhere, Cloud Waste and the Calf serve up the enigmatic isolationism that is ‘power cuts December 1979’ – between you and me, something that seductively inhabits the same strange sonic worlds as frequented by say, the Heartwood Institute and the Burning Witches imprint and with that purred with both a crystalline electro cooling that’s at once yesterday, now and tomorrow, ends a bit abruptly I minded to say with a hint of disappointment. Last up for this brief visit, John 3:16 with ‘Alcyone’ – haven’t we mentioned this previously, perhaps not. A sub 9 nine-minute magic land mysterio typified with all the usual tropes we’ve come to love and expect from Mr Gerber here magnificently spooled and stirred into a deeply mesmeric masterclass in poise and precision whose brooding beauty had us much in mind of both Yellow6 and the Corrupting Sea yet whose parched grace fall seductively swirls, snakes and sighs to the prowling perfection of a slow to burn Godspeed epic foretelling. https://vanguardistarecords.bandcamp.com/album/winter-solstice

how the hell did we miss this first time of asking. Been around since April this year and recently upended on a cursory ramble around band camp, this is ‘the Morgue’ – the lead out track from a twang terror four track seven inch from the excellently named the cult of the psychic fetus, now there’s a t-shirt I want to wear. Anyhow this ‘un, obviously paying its dues at the altar of the Cramps, creeps, creaks and croons like some lost Joe Meek nugget replete with variously adorned side servings of Shadowy Men from a Shadowy Planet, Phantom Chords and Phantom Surfers for good measure. Hell’s teeth we’ve spotted new groove by them, so expect more fond words next missive out. https://cultofthepsychicfetus.bandcamp.com/album/cult-of-the-psychic-fetus-limited-edition-7-ep

unbelievably you’ll find this available on a ‘name your price’ deal and mark my words you’d be a fool for passing up the opportunity because in our much-humbled opinion, this collection is a bit of a corker. Through French imprint Synthspiria this is the ten-track gathering known as ‘memories of Giallo’. Even before hearing a single note, the more astute of you might well have figured where this is going, clues being the title and the latter half of the label name hint strongly of a fondness for all things 70’s Goblin. And you’d be right, for here ten invited ensembles / musicians gather to pay homage to the Italo film genre perfected in notoriety during the 70’s by the likes of Fulci and Argento and equally by soundtracks composed by such noted luminaries as Morricone, Frizzi and of course, the aforementioned Goblin. Alas time not being on our hands necessitates the need to cherry pick this excellent compilation, first of which catching our lobes being ‘Notte Di Violenza’ by Dakarius whose vintage symphonic macabre freewheels into terrains much adored and populated by the likes of the Unseen, the Heartwood Institute, Dream Division and pretty much any number of happening sounds emanating out of the esteemed Burning Witches imprint. ‘Veterinight’ on the other hand, by G-Dog and found here featuring Vincenzo Salvia is cooled in a distractively demurring shadow lined seduction that’s clipped in a classicist nocturnal sophistication that in truth sounds to these ears, like something those folk over at Finders Keepers might unearth from vault digs sourced from behind, the as were, iron curtain. Admirers of Pye Corner Audio’s more expansive kosmische palette will do well to take note of Alpha 88’s quite blissfully dreamy and cinematically toned ‘Promesse Violate’. All said for this teasingly brief visit, favourite moment is Leslie Nayoko’s ‘No One Left’ which aside forging an eerie kinship with Art of the Memory Palace’s soundtrack for Horror Sounds earlier this year, is pitted and framed with such paranoia that you can feel it scratching its way out of the grooves. https://synthspiria.bandcamp.com/album/memories-of-giallo

many thanks to the folk over at Boring Machines for sending over freshly peeled copies of the latest Adriano Zanni full length ‘disappearing’ – a more detailed mention of which you’ll find here – https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/11/13/adriano-zanni-5/ – we were going to try and source potential videos showcasing tracks from the album until, that is, we stumbled over this. From a new set for, we believe, Bronson recordings entitled ‘soundtrack for falling trees’, this is ‘lonely trees’ – a dream draped apparition cooled in such fleeting melancholia that its appearance comes across almost epitaph like, the sounds on this occasion, though spectral in design, are opened up and expansive, radiant and as said, a touch mournful and ghost in separation and vulnerability.

Been a fair old while since we had cause to hang out the bunting in celebration of new happenings from the Buried Treasure folk, yet word has it a very special limited DVD release is being prepped for release after the shenanigans of the coming silly season are but a distant memory and winter’s last icy fling before Spring moves in take their brutal bite. ‘logic formations’ by Jeffrey Seidler features over 2 hours of ‘vintage 70’s styled graphics and modular atmospherics inspired by the EMS Spectron video synthesiser along with 10 original compositions that sublimely pay homage to the strange and spacy futuristic signatures of the day. There’s a teaser video to the foot of this mention, yet we strongly suggest that you assemble yourselves in an orderly line post haste to the labels bandcamp page whereupon you’ll find the album on preview, it’s here that we heartily recommend you take your ears to ‘Neuro-Trend Arcadia’. Ushering in distant memories of nights hugged up to the stereophonic player listening to Breezeblock sets cobbled together by the likes of FSOL, Plaid and Death in Vegas and sounding like one of those mysteriously unlisted and unknown white label one off’s oft coming the way of the Peelie one back in the 90’s, this ‘un seductive steps between the time lines managing to sound both ghostified and retro – the locomotive pulsars – very Raymond Scott and yet, curiously at the same seemingly composing soundtracks for futures to come with its lilting lunar cascades. That said, those still sitting on the fence or else still peeling their tongue from the floor might be well advised to likewise sample the delights of the title track itself, a playfully gloopy nursery room infantry of toybox contents on an impish marching parade after lights out, wonderfully sinister and hypnotically glitch groovy, another nod to that Raymond Scott dude methinks, though found here hiding in Delia’s magic Maida Vale musical cupboard. https://buriedtreasure.bandcamp.com/album/logic-formations-dvd  

Contact resources….

Email – marklosingtoday@gmail.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thesundayexperience

Word press – marklosingtoday.wordpress.com

Twitter – @marklosingtoday

Physical – 46 Webster Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JF, UK

end grooves ….

David Cassidy …. RIP

Rodney Bewes – good night Sir……

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