treasure hunt

oh wow, this is going to flip wigs. As though news of new Tara King Th groove heading out of Moon Glyph wasn’t enough to have you drooling with anticipation, they are now going rewire your headspaces with the aptly named ‘space jam’. Name dropping Sun Ra in the press gubbins, a good call as it happens, ‘Space Jam’ finds Treasure Hunt teamed up with Dennis Warren’s Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble for what is one humongous tripping freak pill. At seven minutes in length, ‘portals’ is a full on cosmic carnival, hints of Albert Ayler wired up in its shape shifting shrooming palette, the sonics dense and delirious converge, collide and ricochet forming musical side shows that weave an insidiously intricate though all the same vibrantly lively white-hot cauldron of kaleidoscopic fusion which unless the ears do deceive sounds not unlike a tripping Tubby Hayes.

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