ju ca

You know that feeling upon hearing something that makes you stop in your tracks, one of those special moments and I’m not talking about someone supergluing your feet to the kitchen floor tiles, indeed we still have kitchen floor tiles around here, we are so retro, in fact the kitchen could easily pass for an out house, what am I saying it is an out house. Anyhow before we start to get all grumble some as we try to generate a bit of heat in our bijou freezer home by warming ourselves on the fridge’s door light, this is Ju Ca with the parting track from his newly peeled full length for phinery entitled ‘overture’, this therein being ‘funeral drone pt I and II’ which, truth be told, is not as gloomy as the title might first suggest. In fact in its early and latter stages, we’re minded to say that this positively itches Steve Reich, inbetween mutating deceptively with a quietly hushed grace into dream drifting passages of twinkle set crystalline kosmische and choral ethereals threaded through with binary blipped call signs. https://phinery.bandcamp.com/album/overture

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