Not strictly speaking on our intended listening list for the day, but then it has been a while since we had cause to drop by near the sound house that is A Giant Fern. Latest to their formidable roster, Altaat with a limited three suite set by the name ‘Ajelehtiva lyhty’ from which the parting and hitherto shortest of the trio ‘III’, has been hogging our ear lobes since veering into ear contact. One of the masterclasses in patience, poise and sustain I’m afraid, of whom whose drone cycles strangely emit a serene aura, once that is, your listening has adjusted to its frequency. Much recalling those Astral Social Club happenings for Trensmat a few years ago and not unlike those Gnod related extra curricula activities that you oft find flying around on blink and its gone limited pressed cassettes, this brooding silver orbed leviathan purrs with a dead eyed hypnotic pulsating throb as though from the very core point of some huge super hive consciousness. and 

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