barrett’s dottled beauty / pefkin

As promised, back with the Sonido Polifonico folk, another strictly limited – around 70 or so I seem to recall – release equally split on clear and black lathe cut variations – 8-inch on this occasion – replete with all the usual eye-catching inserts and treats. On this occasion a split offering featuring Barrett’s Dottled Beauty on one side of the grooves and Pefkin to the other. It’s to the former that we open proceedings, the ghost like ‘many lined’ is, to put it finitely, an ethereal flutter by, its dreamy folk allure of looping riff dissolves usher in a docile demurring that softly melts and wraps itself around the hushly hazed twilight siren calls, it’s all very deceptively trippy and woozy, its airbrushed minimalism effecting an apparition like magic land aura that descends upon your listening space spraying a liltingly sleepy peacefulness. Equally spell charmed, ‘exile’ by Pefkin comes stilled in a church like grace, its chamber folk beguile sitting somewhere between Sleepyard’s recent collaboration with Alison O’Donnell and pretty much anything touched by the Grey Malkin / the Hare and the Moon, notably those releases in cahoots with Futur Passe, really is beyond enchantment. Immaculate on both counts.

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