Sometime today or more likely over the coming weekend, we’ll be revisiting that rather spiffing forthcoming Brass Hearse happening. For now, on the Burning Witch bandcamp page, we curiously eyed this ‘un quietly popping up into view from the mysterious Espectrostatic, an album no less by the name ‘Silhouette’ from off which we here have been somewhat frosted to the spot by the chilling leer of ‘The Delirium Of Negation’. This shadowy apparition peers with prowling disquiet from a Italo Horror Giallo vantage point, all creeping keys, macabre manifestations and twilight terrors gathering to forge a conspiratorial pact no doubt signed in blood, its eeriness cooled in a spectral supernatural seasoning that as were, draws back the veil to open a portal between dream and nightmare, something that, I shouldn’’t wonder, ought to appeal first hand to those of you much admiring of the hauntings emerging from the Villa9 studio folk a la the Unseen.

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