occulto #5

Not certain for sure, but I think I’m right in saying that this has a loose connection to the folk over at Boring Machines. The latest issue of ‘Occulto’ – #5 to be precise comes with a strictly limited – for the first 100 subscribers – CD compilation, upon its grooves are burnt eleven tracks of macabre, magick and all manner of nefarious happenings with our eyes and ears immediately directing their way, almost as though summoned, to Adamennon’s ‘Il Museo delle Anime Perse’. Don’t be fooled by the shivering lullaby that greets this dark heart, for what emerges once the chime fades is a tormenting and turbulent witching hour ceremony gloomed in Gregorian chants and mystical portent of the  type that hint of classic era Goblin perched upon their shoulder. Talking of macabre, things take an unsettling turn at the disquieting appearance of Niton’s ‘Moto Ignoto’, its cold hand descending fast smothering the listening space in a defying and deadening light sucking aura whose paranoiac subtronic toning squirms, prowls and snakes with an eerily edgy dread. Things lighten, I’m happy to say, for the parting opus by Luigi Pugliano, a track taken from his recent cassette release for delete recordings entitled ‘glows’ – a  copy of which we must have for fear of combusing at its prolonged absence. Anyhow this is the dreamily seafaring ‘chachacha’, beautifully serene and reflectively murmured, its genteel poise and classicist precision snow globed with the kind of quiet grace that usually attaches to releases escaping from the Cathedral Transmissions imprint. https://occulto.bandcamp.com/album/occulto-compilation-5    


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