Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping… Transmission 48.0…

Look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping…

Transmission 48.0…. w/e 03/12/2017

Revolutions of a 33 and 45 kind….

Opening groove …..

Glenn Miller …..

Blimey, the 48th edition of ‘look what we sneaked online while you were sleeping’. In truth, at the start of the year, when we had the novel idea of doing these weekly round ups, we never expected them to get passed February before being consigned to an afterthought, yet somehow, they’ve managed to hang around causing us no amount of panic, stress and a great deal of enjoyment. So as we near the year end frivolities, a quick word to say that there will be, if all goes to plan, two extended specials – a Christmas one – due to land, in theory sometime on the Eve of Christmas and a hulking gathering of all the things we’ve missed this year, or at the very least, things we had prepped but for one reason or another somehow slipped the net – the arrival of that one is subject to discussion, probably the year end farewell given that the release schedules just after Christmas are a little quiet. With that in mind we are open for suggestions, recommendations and indeed links / records / tapes and CD’s from you dear reader – contact details following. Thanks as ever for stopping by. 

Contact resources….

Email – marklosingtoday@gmail.com

Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/thesundayexperience

Word press – marklosingtoday.wordpress.com

Twitter – @marklosingtoday

Physical – 46 Webster Avenue, BOOTLE, Merseyside, L20 9JF, UK

…. features …..

… featuring …. Filthy huns, glenn miller, lee marvin, chikissecrets, spirital, hey paulette, fat tulips,the sweetest ache, the sea urchins,the pooh sticks, television personalities, josef k, the springfields, another sunny day, the field mice, cold meat, XAM Duo, kindling, pull the plug, bing crosby, evil blizzard, radiohead, nineteen something, , garlic frog diet, casbah club, papernut Cambridge, yellow6, third kind, sonado, dakota blue, erm, mock church,  fred und luna, peter pardeike, kolsch, nu, moon gangs, tapefeed, legowelt, Wojciech Golczewski, pye corner audio, tara king th, the detox twins, gulp, stupid cosmonaut, treasure hunt, Pink Floyd, Goldfrapp, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, gogo gubari, Laetitia sadier, la feline, ju ca, dark horses, james green, Mini dresses, bad liquor pond, electric eye, dark bells, ride into the sun, secret colours, the kvb, mal Thursday, tape op, john peel, peter Strickland, schizo fun addict, fruits de mer …..

Been an absolute age since we featured anything heading out of the Not Not Fun imprint, herewith then two tasty treats from their imminent release schedule. First up, from Filthy Huns this is ‘Magick Tea’ a track culled from a limited cassette outing called ‘forever beast’ and something arriving highly recommended by our dear friend Cyprianos over at ‘the unquiet meadow’. In short, you are advised to strap yourselves in for this is a six and a half minute parched psych blues astral trip venturing deep into your inner subconscious, a truly head expanding experience whereupon mystical mantras dissolve and dissipate into shrooming swirls of dust dry mind morphing flotillas. It’s all pretty freaky and floaty not to mention absolutely bonged out, the hypno grooving weaves shimmering and snaking to some hitherto forgotten sonic tongue extrapolated from forgotten Spacemen 3 mosaics. https://filthyhuns.bandcamp.com/track/magick-tea

Equally head turning and tasty, new happenings from chikissecrets. Again, on limited cassette issue, ‘new seasons’ came to be when Galina Ozeran lost her voice whilst on tour in Finland, a deeply concerning time that caused her to rethink and refocus her musical craft. We here are truly smitten by the strangely alluring ‘heaven is within us’, wrapped gently in an insular intimacy, its intricate noir framing unfurls with a disquieting beauty that’s almost ghost like in effect, its chamber tonalities and down tempo yearns fixed with an airless floatiness that assumes something of an apparition like aura, it’s something that very much calls to mind Soft Bodies’ Jodie Lowther as were in dream draped musical cahoots Heather Duby. ‘baby, bye’ is no slouch in the affection stakes, a cosmic navigator of sorts, more so a starry spectral love note transmitting from forgotten solar outposts caressed and kissed in ethereal celestial whispers, very much one for the Jane Weaver admirers among you. https://chikissecrets.bandcamp.com/album/new-season

Sadly, no information about this with which to intrigue and delight you with, a shame really because this is quite something else. From Spirital this is ‘Cruel Game’ – now admit it you are taken by its smoky sophisticat seduction, okay the vocals I’ll admit had us initially thinking otherwise, yet you soon begin to realise that their muddy murmuring perfectly fits the overall effect of being lost in the moment, well either that or a tad creepy. The sounds on the other hand are faultless and come daubed in a sepia toning whereupon to a bruising chic a tainting attaches to anchor their beauty in a crestfallen ache.

Interlude … lost indie loves and jangly things  … hey paulette, fat tulips,the sweetest ache, the sea urchins,the pooh sticks, television personalities, josef k, the springfields, another sunny day, the field mice …

hey paulette ….

Fat tulips …

The sweetest ache …

The sea urchins …

The pooh sticks….

Television personalities …

Josef k ….

The springfields …

Another sunny day …

The field mice ….

Now if you’d asked me politely ‘Mark, have you heard of Cold Meat’, not missing a beat I’d have been back at you ‘why yes, have you heard their latest, a belter it be?’. Annoyingly and more obviously, worryingly, I’m not altogether certain they have as yet, troubled these pages, though that’s all about to change if the evidence here is anything to judge. But first up before we proceed further, let’s get the smutty classroom humour over and done with by saying ‘pork sword fever’ – are we done with the sniggering and tittering at the back. Well that’s the name of their latest, heading out of the Static Shock / helta skelta imprints, this being the searingly nag nag nag angular ‘nice girls’ – a whiplash inducing slab of dead heading discordant dandiness, acutely agit gouged and festering, furious and appreciably in your face, what’s not to love and why aren’t all records like this, file under the younger siblings with issues and attitude of Kleenex. Adored.

Released earlier in the year as a RSD special for exclusive take up by the folk over at Norman records, a split outing by Horror Sounds and Polytechnic Youth that featured XAM Duo and the Au Fait sharing groove space. Well in the finest traditions of the Peel wing-ding here’s the former mentioned played at the wrong speed, something that really did happen at a recent Peel Night soiree at the Catford Constitutional Club, still no sign of new Horror Pop sounds happenings alas. Enjoy.

Oh my, think I’m in love, this is Kindling with ‘destroy yrself’ – again another cut which information wise we are clueless about other than to say it’s out on the 6131 imprint and quite possibly whipped from a full length set by the name ‘hush’. One thing we are sure about though is that this is a sky signing blister bliss beauty that silkily and slickly slipstreams into the dream draped terraains of a youthful Lush and with that utterly gorgeous by our reckoning.

Interlude ….endless days of Christmas … day 1 … Bing Crosby, Radiohead, evil blizzard ….

Bing Crosby …..

Not at all certain for sure about the authenticity of this, but friom 2002 this is, possibly, Radiohead doing ‘winter wonderland’….


Evil Blizzard ….

That Fenella Fielding woman, first she turns up on our Halloween special, then she’s found doing the links on Radio 4’s flagship tea time drive home news show ‘PM’ and now opening up proceedings on our favourite Mixcloud musing ‘Pull the Plug’ – belated birthday greetings Ms Fielding. Anyhow as you’ve probably gathered, new Pull the Plug transmissions are upon us, I’m minded to say the best show in a fair old while, it’s all to brief visitation sporting some of the finest sounds around at the moment, topper most in the picks a brace of tracks from the forthcoming album from Tara King Th for Moon Glyph entitled ‘stellar fantasies’ which all things being well, we’ll be featuring in full sometime later this week. Elsewhere a remix touch up by Richard Norris – he of Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve fame – of Gulp’s immaculate ‘morning velvet sky’, a little sneak peek of new Pye Corner Audio loveliness imminent on Lapsus, a lost b-side from a recent Polytechnic Youth happening by the Detox Twins, would we be overstepping the mark by saying their finest to date. The show wraps up with the previously unheard, by us at least, ‘Something New’ by Luis Drayton, the ‘Do You Dig Me Project Octane Remix’ version, a floor thumping slice of subtronic euro disco that to these ears manages to seductively shape cut between the shadowy divides of Front 242 and TVAM. Oh, and it’s the season of colds in the Pull the Plug sound booth so make sure you are wrapped up with hot toddies to hand, we here are sporting a warm Jack Daniels with cinnamon, lemon and honey. https://www.mixcloud.com/Resonance/pull-the-plug-23rd-november-2017/  

Further readings …..





as disbelievingly ridiculous as this might sound, another well-heeled collection on a ‘pay you what you want’ option from the Nineteen Something dudes of Paris, this being a nineteen (well it stands to reason it was going to be 19) track gathering of folk featured on their, by the sounds of it, enviable back catalogue. Time pressing and this being the last post of the evening, I promise we will be back with this later in the week, if we think on that is, we’ve concentrated our ears on just two tracks from this killer sampler. First up, Garlic Frog Diet – no need for guessing why we picked this one then, this being ‘lost indoors’ which for the best part does a neat line in scuzzy vintage gnarled garage groove before overcasting to mutate itself into a becoming grunge gouged grind that nods to those early outings from the esteemed sound houses Amphetamine Reptile and Sub Pop. Casbah Club on the other hand, are your straight up-front razor sharp suited three chord rock-a-hula dudes, the effervescent anthem charging ‘rock n’ roll city’ niftily niking nods and several pages from the tunes for the terrace sonic scrapbook of the much missed Parkinsons. Nuff said.  https://nineteensomething.bandcamp.com/album/nineteen-something-sampler-1-digital  

depending on how the rest of week pans out, more about that a little later today, you may by the end of this particular missive be, a little overwhelmed with all the sounds emanating from the yellow6 sound factory, for not only is there the small question of finally getting around to listening to his ‘about the journey’ album for sound in silence, there’s also the newly pressed appearance of a ‘name your price’ set entitled ‘live at iklectik 12.10.17’ which features recordings taken from a recent live event put together by the Champion Version team, folk who’ve gone so quiet of late that we feel compelled to drop by later to check to see if they are okay. And then, with this close to being the festive season and ultimately the year end, then it must be time for the traditional sonic event that is the seasonal musical card ‘Merry6mas’. The 19th all told, as previously, features a gathering of outtakes, alternate versions and tracks left abandoned and without a home. Available as a digital take up and via Silber, on a limited CD pressing, this year’s harvest collects together 13 such orphans, ‘torrent’ sent out into the winter breezed wilderness, put simply it personifies the artistry of Yellow6 perfectly, both measured and a touch mournful, it relocates the listener to a quiet safe place. Harnessing both intimacy and introspection, its graceful slow burn incorporates a deeply emotional quota that’s expressed sublimely in its painstakingly delicate and genteel flowering as it moves from a point of sparse detachment to unfurl tenderly revealing of all its curvaceous and cavernous beauty. https://yellow6.bandcamp.com/album/running-to-the-red-merry6mas2017  

call us a soppy old romantic, but one of our favourite and oft visited releases of the year so far has been Papernut Cambridge’s ‘Mellotron Phase: Volume 1’ for the esteemed Gare Du Nord. Long sold out of its limited 10-inch issue, it’s now getting a much deserved and equally limited cassette release. Mentioned in passing here with much fondness https://marklosingtoday.wordpress.com/2017/09/29/papernut-cambridge-4/ – the eleven tracks featured here are a time trip back to an age of innocence, kitsch, lounge and mysterious sepia framed musical postcards that wistfully look fondly back with one eye to fading memories with the other peering into the future. Resolutely refusing to pitch their musical cart to any given generic box, ‘Mellotron Phase’ is awash in varying styles to such an extent that it never tires or boxes itself in. instead there’s contrast, depth and a lavish free spirited mindset guiding this extraordinary collection, I mean take for instance both ‘gitane’ and ‘three o’clock’ – the latter possessed of a tangy flightiness of the type that once adored the flip sides of early Go Team happenings while the former is indelibly touched with a cooling baroque chic that sounds as though its stepped off a set from backdropping some classy n’ arty spy noir flick from the early 70’s. ‘advantage soho’ is pure 60’s TV theme oompah all kookily kitsch and wiggily funk struck, ‘Carnaby Cathedral’ on the other hand, aside stunning is sighed with baroque sprays and a softening floral psych sophistication that nods to Douglas Gamley at his most finest. All said, set closer ‘dreams of Persephone’ is utterly breathless, taking its leave from both Vic Mars and Littlebow, a richly prettified pageant of floral posies are harvested with hints of ghost box colourings and L’Augmentation classicism. Irresistible.  https://papernutcambridge.bandcamp.com/album/mellotron-phase-volume-1  

I’d have never have known this was out and about had we not tripped over it by sheer accident, I mean talk about hiding your light beneath a bushel. But then that appears to be the way of the Third Kind folk in Brighton, secretly crafting short numbered cassettes of a non-generic boxing that feature sonic worlds without boundaries like no other label around, I guess you’d call it eclectic and I’d guess we’d think you’d be right. Expect full mentions of this then in various instalments over the coming weeks all cobbled together in our extended Christmas Eve soiree next month ‘Third37’ is their year ending festive greeting card, a charity Christmas cassette with all profits going to Shelter. Within, an 18-track seasonal gathering of talents, some familiar some not so to the Third Kind cognoscenti. For this brief visit, we are concentrating ears on just three of the tracks on offer, starting out with Sonoda and ‘Do You Want to Find Out’ the ‘No Voltage Mix’ therein – a wonderfully lilting flutter by softly ghosted in the affectionate hazy hazeling of dreamily dappled lazy eyed folk apparitions all kissed with a deceptively lulling sea faring spray, all utterly woozy and with that deftly seductive. ‘Cashmere’ by Dakota Blue opens the set, a strangely enchanting cut both airless and ghostly which had us in mind, truth be told, of an astral gliding variant of Oddfellows Casino, the melodies floating and anchorless sigh delicately to the murmuring hush of the vocals, distractively gorgeous. Last for this sneak peek behind the Grotto curtain, Erm buck the warming and cosy toed trend with the decidedly strangely overcasting ‘I am Satan Claws’. Set to a funereal like glooming chamber jazz toning, this ‘un fragments with disquieting delight between macabre murmurs and wistful chorals, in truth it’s something that ought to appeal first hand to admirers of all things Reverb Worship in so much as the sounds and melodies are possessed of a primitive folk chill, but then scratch a little deeper and what’s revealed is a subtly forming kinship with French surrealist outsiders La Société des Timides à la Parade des Oiseaux. Okay, I think we agreed to featuring for now, just three selected cuts, but then how could we resist the demented charms of Mock Church’s warped and way out ‘meanwhile, back at bible camp’. In short, total lunacy and off its box, starts with the little known musical device – the out of favour gurgling before sounding as though its descending the rings of hell at speed no doubt the result of a broken Faustian pact or some dark ceremonial calling all interspersed by some swiftly upending to moments of rollicking cowpunk rumbling, what can it all mean, frankly we want answers and more of the same. Perhaps our track of the day if we indeed had a track of the day spot with which to award it. https://thirdkindrecords.bandcamp.com/album/third27-christmas-tape-charity-fund-raiser-for-shelter-uk  

Interlude …. Electronische and similar life forms – fred und luna, peter pardeike, kolsch, nu, moon gangs, tapefeed, legowelt, Wojciech Golczewski ….

Fred und luna …..

Kolsch ….

Nu ….

Moon gangs …

Tapefeed …

Legowelt …

Wojciech Golczewski …

Peter pardeike ….

oh wow, this is going to flip wigs. As though news of new Tara King Th groove heading out of Moon Glyph wasn’t enough to have you drooling with anticipation, they are now going rewire your headspaces with the aptly named ‘space jam’. Name dropping Sun Ra in the press gubbins, a good call as it happens, ‘Space Jam’ finds Treasure Hunt teamed up with Dennis Warren’s Full Metal Revolutionary Jazz Ensemble for what is one humongous tripping freak pill. At seven minutes in length, ‘portals’ is a full on cosmic carnival, hints of Albert Ayler wired up in its shape shifting shrooming palette, the sonics dense and delirious converge, collide and ricochet forming musical side shows that weave an insidiously intricate though all the same vibrantly lively white-hot cauldron of kaleidoscopic fusion which unless the ears do deceive sounds not unlike a tripping Tubby Hayes. https://soundcloud.com/moonglyph/treasure-hunt-portals  

we really must pay more attention to these things, much like his forthcoming set for Lapsus, here’s another serving from Pye  Corner Audio that nearly slipped our net. This un is currently doing its stuff, or at least about to, on silver wax via the Spanish imprint Analogical Force, a 12-inch EP no less going by the name ‘Island of Ghosts’ with this here cutie being the lead out title track. Emerging from his more favoured techno mindset, ‘island of ghosts’ is fully versed in the ways of classic Detroit techno, its subtronic toning asides guaranteeing playlisting at all the coolest club floors, superbly morphs amid a hypno grooving dialect that tunes itself succinctly into terrains once upon a time the trademark sanctuary of the Smallfish and Rednetic soundhouses.


I think we might have sorted ourselves the January listening if this sample track is anything to judge by. This is Stupid Cosmonaut with a track taken from their imminent second full length for Drone Rock entitled ‘Digitalis’ – this being the demurring dream weave that is ‘field trip’. An alluringly amorphous slice of kosmische perfection, a pristinely expansive celestial sea farer sending forth, through the galactic voids, subliminal call signs which once decoded reveal jubilant fanfares of star twinkled mesmerica, perhaps the finest and most intimately serene thing we’ve heard all year, or at least since those electronische orbitals from Fred und Luna came our way.

o hear something alarmingly feral, scuzzed and skewed and this fitted

Thanks to Facebook having a momentary hissy fit as a result I can’t say for certain whether its Marie or Phil of Small Bear who play on this, one of those random postings we spotted,, felt we needed to hear something alarmingly feral, scuzzed and skewed and this fitted the billing. From GoGo Gubari this is ‘Yes, My Lord And Nasty Master’ from a set released, by the looks of things, earlier this year by the name ‘The Yes Yes Sound Of Gogo Yubari’ – another to the list of must listen to’s. Anyhow, this is noisy, primitive, noisily primitive if you must, much like a seriously wired out Sonic Youth c. ‘Goo’ and with that not a lot more to report other than highly recommended.  https://gogoyubari1.bandcamp.com/track/yes-my-lord-and-nasty-master   

I seem to recall many years ago, making the comment that roughly went along the lines, that were Laetitia Sadier to read the phone book, then I would be captivated and enchanted. Not that I ever expected to be taken at my word and yet here she is doing a spot of spoken word / translating / story teller as the voice upon the grooves of Agnès Gayraud’s ‘Le Royaume’. Of course Ms Gayraud is better known among the pop community as La Feline, there’ll be a one off gig early December, the 6th to be precise where both will appear and collaborate together at the French Institute, London. There’s a new album due in January through Kwaidan entitled ‘Triomphe’ – its message the wrestling of French as the language of pop from the English. For now though, the small matter of ‘le royaume’, a delicately dimpled siren-esque flutter by, more so a softly toned call to arms quivering and shivering amid a mystically folk weaving whose ghostly spectral reserve snakes seductively all the time accompanied by the genteel prowl and watchful eye of a coolly shimmering dust blown and slow burning riff coil. In short, quietly enchanting. https://soundcloud.com/la-f-line/2-le-royaume-feat-laetitia-sadier/s-50F5Q

 Interlude … endless days of Christmas …. Day 2 ….Pink Floyd, Goldfrapp, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s …

Pink Floyd …

goldfrapp …

The yeah yeah yeah’s ….

You know that feeling upon hearing something that makes you stop in your tracks, one of those special moments and I’m not talking about someone supergluing your feet to the kitchen floor tiles, indeed we still have kitchen floor tiles around here, we are so retro, in fact the kitchen could easily pass for an out house, what am I saying it is an out house. Anyhow before we start to get all grumble some as we try to generate a bit of heat in our bijou freezer home by warming ourselves on the fridge’s door light, this is Ju Ca with the parting track from his newly peeled full length for phinery entitled ‘overture’, this therein being ‘funeral drone pt I and II’ which, truth be told, is not as gloomy as the title might first suggest. In fact in its early and latter stages, we’re minded to say that this positively itches Steve Reich, inbetween mutating deceptively with a quietly hushed grace into dream drifting passages of twinkle set crystalline kosmische and choral ethereals threaded through with binary blipped call signs. https://phinery.bandcamp.com/album/overture  

no sooner are we picking up our jaws from the floor following our encountering of Ju Ca then along come Dark Horses to knock us back off our listening pedestal. These folk are shortly to be hitting the road holding the hands of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, this being a taster of what to expect. ‘XIII’ might well be the sexiest thing in planet pop right now, positively fizzing and sizzling with ripples of electric energy, through the sleep walking subsconcious fog a pulsating orb channeling on subliminal frequencies calls, a voice of dissent whispering in the darkness atop slinky strutting off cuts that swoon with seductive cool rewiring and bastardising at the 3.18 mark, Richards-esque riffs that’d make Primal Scream glow green with envy.


30 Nov – MILAN – Fabrique

01 Dec – LAUSANNE – Les Docks

02 Dec – ZURICH – Samsung Hall

03 Dec – VIENNA – Arena

Radiohead will be playing some festival shows in South America in April 2018. Support comes from Flying Lotus, Junun and local acts.

April 2018

Wed 11th: SUE Festival, Estadio Nacional, Santiago, Chile

Sat 14th: Soundhearts Festival, Tecnopolis, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tue 17th: Soundhearts Festival, Estadio Nacional, Lima, Peru

Fri 20th: Soundhearts Festival, Parque Olimpico, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Sun 22nd: Soundhearts Festival, Allianz Parque, São Paulo, Brazil

Wed 25th: Soundhearts Festival, Parque 222, Bogota, Colombia

As ever, an immaculately crafted release from those nice folk over at Sonido Polifonico. This particular one is pretty jaw dropping, it be the ‘Donkey Jukebox’ by one time member of Big Eyes, James Green. There’s two versions of this doing the rounds, the album and lathe variant, basically the album on black vinyl plus a two track lathe 7 inch featuring a brace of compositions that couldn’t be shoehorned to the lp awash in all manner of badges, tokens and a hand numbered / hand signed print by Mr Green himself. Then there’s the standard album variant, as above but without the lathe cut and this time pressed on ‘duck egg’ green wax. Ours in case you are wondering, and I should at this point say many thanks to head honcho Paul for sending over, is a very strictly limited fusion of the two, in that we have the green vinyl album and all the trimmings. An accompanying piece, ‘a kind of soundtrack’ according to its author who goes on to say ‘I’m a linocut / screen-print artist and a lot of my work is based on an imaginary donkey world, the ‘Donkey Jukebox’ takes you far out of the smoke, stress and bluster of city life and into the deepest wiles of the rich green hidden countryside. Upon the grooves, six tracks all in, lazily recline and snooze. Hunkered down in some sun peeled meadow beneath the overhang of an ancient tree, these feint and prettified pastel sketches silently observe and take in the daily play of the countryside. To the wheezing reverie of creaking accordions, various wind instruments and all manner of strange noise making artefacts to hand, Green weaves a delightfully wistful and lilting soundscape that coos, chirps and charms, a joyful listening experience both intimate and thoughtful that took this particular listener instantly to his childhood, for these woodland waltzes are indelibly weaved from the quilled imagination of Kenneth Grahame and the serenely innocent landscapes of Oliver Postgate (those childhood visitations coming to call with the arrival of the sleepy headed chamber drone ‘donkey jukebox no 3). The sounds light and floral not to mention distractively quaint, usher in a sense of free spirited innocence, their twilight murmuring dappled and demurred in the yawning lilt of Vernon Elliott – see the wonky and broken piano lullaby soothing its way throughout ‘Donkey Jukebox No. 2 – with a tender side serving of Ivor Cutler. What might easily pass for melanchole is more so a representation of peace and tranquility hidden far and shutting out the maddening rush of the outside world, the best cut of the set being the adorably homely ‘donkey jukebox no. 4’ whereupon all the various instrumental players are cosily sat rested around a nighttime campfire as were, deep in sleepy chatter and cheery exchange, it’s a most tender moment delicately weaved in the finest and most lulling bucolic finery. That said, ‘donkey jukebox no.5’ which you’ll find on the lathe eition is no slouch in the affection stakes, a dreamland cortege of lullaby wooziness, a bit like a dozing family of Clangers serenaded by an astral ISAN and before you’ve need to ask, as ever, essential.  https://www.sonidopolifonico.co.uk/james-green and https://jamesgreensounds.bandcamp.com/releases  

Next up for the Sonido folk, a strictly limited split lathe release featuring Pefkin and Barrett’s Dottled Beauty…. a little more about that latter …..

Interlude … things we missed …. Mini dresses, bad liquor pond, electric eye, dark bells, ride into the sun, secret colours, the kvb …

Mini dresses …. disappointed to find that this one slipped our usually acute net, from Mini Dresses this is the utterly adorable ‘sad eyes’ – we dare you to get through this without a sniffle or tear and a deep sense of crestfallen bruising … in truth straight out of the Camera Obscura and Trembling Blue Stars book of hurt pop….

This be Bad Liquor Pond, sneaked out around two years ago, ‘hallways’ is one of those slow burn cool curios trimmed in Velveteen purrs and kissed with the kind of x ingredient that used to grace releases by Homescience…..

And how the hell did we miss this first time of asking, Electric Eye’s ‘tangerine’ – a head re-arranging mystic smoke pill, has sitars, cosmics, woozy psychedelics and frankly smokes better stuff than you, comes with shades I wouldn’t wonder.

More lazy eyed lysergics this time from the kaleidoscopically enhanced Dark Bells with ‘wildflower’ – hell’s teeth we are now beginning to wonder if we went to sleep for the best part of 2013…..

Bugger i’m certsain we went missing in 2013 now, here’s another we left behind, this be ride into the sun with the mind expanding freak pill ‘hunt like wolves’ who appear sublimely adept at cross pollinating the essences of both Black Angels and the Hookworms into one hulking head trip …..

Another from 2013, damn that must have been a long sleep. Now this here is Secret Colours’ with the superbly insidious rash forming ‘blackhole’ – is it just me, or does this sound stoned and a tad off its box,

Last up for this little delve, the quite superb minimalist chill of the KVB with ‘never enough’ – based on the evidence of this, we will be rummaging for more….

Interlude …. endless days of Christmas …. Day 3 ….half man half biscuit, the goodies, coil ….

Half man half biscuit …..

The goodies ….

Coil ft Rosa Mundi …..

Stuff …..






john peel corner …. A bit of a sad one this, the show after John Walters passed …. our cat Dylan, was none to taakenby track 2 I should add, he’s actually growling at the laptop as I write…. how strange….




I wish we could get a playlist type thing for this, two hours of head shrooming minimalist techno ….


End groove ….

Lee Marvin ….

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