the polymer cities

Think I’m okay to share, this is the latest from the Polymer Cities, a skedaddled slice of fried hardware more so a Tron-esque interloper honed upon a super expansive one hour sound board within which the notion of ‘data rot’ is explored, that being the degrading and hybridising of abandoned and neglected files within the digital universe, binary upgrades if you like, happening whether you like it or not. As you’d imagine, the sounds here are fluid, shapeshifting and in constant flux, all the time trapped in a cycle of growth and decay, switching between shades of light and darkness, the impression sometimes disquieting though more often than not transient. Of course, all the usual Polymer tropes are present and in attendance, the ambient textures mutated through vintage lenses of kosmische doped future visions, in many respects its creative eye and positioning and the spacing of moments of hyper activity and dream like lulls had us much recalling Jean Michel Jarre’s landmark pre techno seeing ‘magnetic fields – part 1’. At once funky and floaty, ‘Data Rot’ could easily pass for the industrious sound of binary nano bots chuckling while busily patching, assembling and cross wiring the dissipating echoes of unrealised mosaics themselves flickering and fluttering like passing ghosts in the machine amid the artificial consciousness.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the link!
    Data Cult Audio 🖤🖤🖤 the Polymer Cities and all the other artists that contribute to our podcast.
    Tune in each week for a different set of experimental electronic music from innovative artists from around the world.

    Or find us on iTunes by searching Data Cult Audio.

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