mint field

Getting a tad daft this now, here we are with the mother of all man flu’s and the killer records of all shapes, styles and varieties keep popping up and no, before you ask, we haven’t even touched the meds yet. So here we are still trying to prize our jaw off the floor as behold a pale horse slide out of earshot and along come Mint Field to take up the vacated seat. Anyhow, hailing from Tijuana, Mint Field are a duo who’ve an album incoming February time on Innovative Leisure entitled ‘passer de las luces’ from off which ‘ojos en el carr’ has been peeled. Quite frankly if the rest of the album is anything like this becoming gem, then we here will be at the front of the queue with words of fondness and adoration. Starts out a tad crestfallen, the crystalline riff ripples soured and sighed almost Marr-esque, opine with a bruised head bowed hurting to fold around and caress the crushed and reflective vocal, it’s something that instantly recalls those early appearances by the Sundays, just when you are succumbing to its sorrow, the blighter erupts without so much as a by your leave at the 3.38 point to radiantly shower all in euphoria kissed sunbursts whilst emerging simultaneously phoenix like from its wounded former self.


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