the green apple sea

Admit it, isn’t this quite the most lovely thing you’ve heard in an age, alright then for a few hours at least. Everything about it from the honeyed harmonies, west coast afterglows, opining steel croons to its homely glazing all gather around the campfire in good cheer to instil a warm fuzzy feeling. Add to the mix the breezy lilt of Americana dialects and the irrefutable smoky allure of the lolloping riffs and it all hints of endless summers watching the sun fall to the sound of an early 70’s era Beach Boys and Buffalo Springfield. By the Green Apple Sea, this is the deceptively disarming ‘Doc Watson Dream’ a teaser track pulled from a full length by the name ‘Directions’ due to surface sometime May next year. In short located somewhere between the Low Anthem and a youthful Woods. Links hopefully to follow shortly.  

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