jeremy tuplin

bugger me, where were we when this originally popped up to say hello. Heard twice, loved in an instant to the point of admiring obsession, is it too late to nail your colours to the favourite single of the year mast we wonder.  It’s a rare thing to find a record that can make you cry, laugh, hurt and be aglow with cheery fondness in its opening two lines, but then ‘astronaut’ is not your normal record. I’m still trying to decide whether to file it under folk, gospel or just for the hell of it, invent a whole new generic species for it alone to be safely snuzzled beneath. Anyhow, out on Folkwit, this is Jeremy Tuplin, a late runner for our single of the year you say, I wouldn’t bet against it. What’s magical about this track is its journey, the way it blossoms from the earthy and rustic to the celestial and ethereal, its swaying dance giddy with a haloing of reality checking and the fainting crush of reflectiveness, at once mournfully glazed yet content with its lot. It is irresistible and a rare moment that touches and chimes deeply with a direct line speaking to the soul, sound wise think of the frosty cosiness of Dream Academy’s ‘life in a northern town’ as were rephrased by Bonnie Prince Billy imbibing on the lone wolf spirit of Nick Drake. Be warned this will floor you. Perfection.  

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