justin dean thomas

absolutely diddly in terms of information on this one, except to say that is, that its out and about through the greenway imprint. Anyway, found this straying around on sound cloud, first hearing an instant adoring, its by Justin Dean Thomas and it’s called ‘no one knows’. Smoking gospel folk blues it be with hints of Rodriguez swooning amid it’s grooves, damn this sounds as though it’s been cut with such sublime vintage it could have fallen straight out of the 50’s, recalling both the BDI’s – more so their previous incarnation the Panda Gang, there’s an attracting homeliness attaching, the opining steel, the hymnal hushes and the overall grace toned serene of it all – utter bliss in a word. https://soundcloud.com/greenwayrecords/justin-dean-thomas-no-one-knows

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